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Who still plays season 1 until season 2 comes out


  • I used to but not so much anymore, i have about 4 playthroughs ready to go, i need to remember my choices in them

  • Played it 4 times on PC and I'm on my 3rd playthrough on PS3. Trying to beat the game again before more Season 2 news come out right after Thanksgiving.

  • I'm playing a one episode once at least 2/3 days. Reason being is that i don't have a full save file for season 1, gotta complete the game again so i can be ready for season 2.

  • I'm on my second playthrough..Since my friends bum off my Save files my friend accidently deleted my save data so I'm rushing to beat it before S2 comes out :P

  • I'm going to just reply it todayso I can prepare myself for Season 2. :D

  • im repalying it now

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