How to Save Prince Lawrence

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First, pick Lawrence instead of Toad if you don't, Lawrence will have fallen and Bigby and Snow wouldn't be there to pick him up and he will die and Dee will make it there before Bigby and Snow and will hide in the closet. When going to Lawrence, Lawrence wakes up and he explains that he tried suicide and you have to lie, half-lie, or break the news about Faith. If you break the news Lawrence will try suicide while hiding in the closet but he is still able to save, you just have to jump out before he points the gun at his head. Best choice is to half-lie. You give the gun to Lawrence or he picks it up and Bigby and Snow hide in the closet. Tweedle Dee enters he walks around once he gets to the closet Lawrence points the gun at Dee asking about Faith. He shoots the wall and Dee runs off with Bigby chasing after him. And in the video of the next time on The Wolf Among Us it will show Prince Lawrence before the scene where Bigby says serial killer and in the stats says you have prevented Prince Lawrence's death.

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  • As far as I know,you either have to [Lie] about Faith or tell Lawrence the [Half-Truth], because he will actually kill himself wenn you flatout break the news to him about his wife,therefore not actually saving him. (Food for thought: The height the bullet was found at in the wall and Lawrences position don't add up. If he shot himself while sitting in the chair, it would have passed through it and hit the wall at a much lower height than it actually did.)

  • He could be a big part of the story.

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    To save Laurence, all you have to do is:
    1. Choose to go to him first.
    2. Leap out of the closet at the moment Dee is right in front of it. (Maybe sooner).

    That's it. I told Laurence about his wife's murder, and simply leapt out when Dee got close to the closet. Laurence survived at the end.

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