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Sad story of a (probably) lost shipment

posted by El Mariachi on - last edited - Viewed by 310 users
I received confirmation of shipment for my order a little more than two months ago, but it hasn't arrived yet :(

I have sent a couple of e-mails to [email][/email], and just got one automated response (this happened at least 4 days ago), I've checked the spam folder and all, but nothing.

So I decided to post here, where it would be harder for any answer to get lost ;)
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  • I wrote back to you about an hour after you sent your email on June 4, saying we'd send a replacement and asking you to confirm your shipping address. I'm sorry the email didn't reach you (strange, since you got the auto response...)

    I believe your replacement was sent out on Thursday but I'll have to double check with the person I asked to do it, since I was out of the office that day.

    (I also just sent a response to the email you sent yesterday, please check your spam folder and see if that one shows up.)
  • Wow! That's what I call fast! ;)

    My address is right, I have received things from you guys before.

    Thanks for the great service!

    PS: I've been checking the spam folder almost hourly and I can assure you I have nothing from you, but I can tell where to buy really cheap pills now ;)
  • Does your email have a blacklist? If yes, could you make sure isn't on it? It's a longshot since you did receive the autoresponse, but it would explain why the emails aren't even showing up in your spam folder. (My mom once accidentally ended up on my blacklist and it took us weeks to figure out why her emails weren't reaching me...)
  • No, no blacklists. I know gmail can be a bit picky with false positives, but at least the mails end in the spam folder!! There are no signs at all of any mail from you.

    I've created a filter that highlights any mail from and added [email][/email] . I don't know if that could work, you could try to send me something and see if it gets through
  • Well, once there's a support ticket opened, the mail isn't coming from [email][/email], but from issue-10000 (or whatever your issue number is) So adding [email][/email] to a whitelist probably won't help.

    Anyway, as long as you're getting other emails from us (order confirmations, etc.), it doesn't matter that much. Hopefully you won't have to email support too often. :D
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