• I didn't really notice at first. I was just happy I was playing a new Walking Dead episode.

  • There were also other references to Season 1 in 400 Days, but I think it was nice to know that things didn't go well for the bastards who stole Kenny's boat. :D

  • I agree with all of you on what you're saying. I hope Vernon is alive. Maybe while so many of us have been thinking Kenny's still alive we don't all suspect Vernon. I personally like/d Boyd though. He's the best one of those sick people.

  • I wonder, if they stole Kenny's boat, why did they stay there? Was Vernon they only one that left?

    • Maybe so. There must've been a lot of drama about the boat for the rest of them to end up in the diner yes. But now I've really got myself thinking that maybe Vernon is alive. We probably wouldn't see him until a few episodes later if he is alive.

  • If you played Season 1 as scumbag Lee, one of them says Lee's Name in Shels story that was cool too... :)

  • The mention whoever was left with the boat. I'm guessing they may show up again. Why people claim Vernon is dead and Kenny isnt is really confusing they don't even say he died in the game.

    • I think becuase they say they "lost" Brie which is true, we see that happen, people assume Vernon died later. That lady does say "The last time we did that we LOST Brie, and THEN Vernon with that god damned boat. But just becuase she might think Vernon's dead it might not all be true. I hope for the best twists.

      • I agree with you. She may have been meaning "First we lost Brie, and then Vernon left because he'd rather go with the boat".

        • True true. Because soon Boyd says "Vernon and the boat, are the reason our group fell apart, not trusting strangers" blah blah. Perhaps then Boyd was meaning that because they're all sick and Vernon abandoned them to die, they fell apart because they were losing hope or something. I hope you're right. It's not until I started this discussion that got me thinking Vernon could be alive.

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