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Favorite Character(s)?

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Who is your favorite Fable from the game or your favorite childhood fairy tale. Mine is the Three Little Pigs, Colin and his brothers and Bigby because overall I think Bigby is so cool. Please like and leave a comment. :) Alt text

  • As far as Fables, the comic? Frau Totenkinder, no contest. She's about as "Magnificent Bastard" as it gets, and is generally one of the most trustworthy characters in Fables (despite her other, more self-serving interests at times).

    In the game? I actually like Woody. I feel like he gives himself a major bum rap, and that somewhere under there there's a decent guy who's just being kept down by alcohol, self-pity, and a discomfort of being in the limelight.

    As far as actual Fables go, my favorite fairy tale has to be a slightly uncommon one: Hershele Ostropoler, in particular Hershel and The Hannukah goblins. Reason: same as with Frau Totenkinder, Hershel's strengths were mostly diabolical intelligence. He had no magic or powers: he literally just outsmarted his way out of any problem, usually by tricking the offender into defeating THEMSELVES.

  • Favorite fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood, because reasons... As for in fables because I'm only a few volumes in it will have to be Bigby, because he is so fucking cool !

  • Love the characters and the setting of the games.

  • I like Colin too,its so sad he will be killed by his own brothers.

  • I know this sound cheesy, but my favorite is the big bad wolf (Bigby) not just because of him being the main character. I just always liked characters that ruin other characters lives. Weird but whatever...

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    CIementine BANNED

    I like Bigby, Snow, Beast and TJ

  • I will go with Bukfin for now. I want to see more awesome characters from Telltale in the future.

  • Mr. Toad, Bigby, Snow, Woodsman, and Colin! EDIT: Also Bufkin!

    The way things are going for this series, i can expect there will be plenty of favorites throughout the season.

  • His brothers are dead.

  • I haven't read the comics, but so far in the game?

    I'd say the Woodsman. He did some bad shit, but he seems to acknowledge the fact and seems to want to redeem himself. I don't think he's a bad guy at heart, at least not anymore. I'm really interested to see how the dynamic between him and Bigby goes.

    Speaking of Bigby, he's great. I'm loving his character, and I bet he'd be one of my favorites in the comics. They picked a good protagonist.

    Beauty and Beast are another couple of characters I want to get to know better. I doubt either of them have negative intentions, so it'll be interesting to see what roles they play. I also both look forward to and dread the hinted fight between Beast and Bigby.

    • In the comic, he's cooler and smarter. He also romanticizes television a bit. He takes tricks from movies and books and acknowledges them, and wants to be like one of the detectives in books, like Sherlock Holmes.

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