Zombie Games/Movies while you wait

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Since were all waiting for The a Walking Dead season 2, What are some cool zombie Games/Movies that I can Play/Watch ?


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    MOVIES: The night of the living dead, Dawn of the dead, Zombie land, Shaun of the dead.

    GAMES: Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2

  • My advice?. get yourself a game from the steam since the sale is on or wait for cyber Monday. Splunkey for 5 dollars? CHA CHING

  • Eat Cheerios.

  • Play DayZ till S02 comes out.

  • Play Nazi zambies

  • World War Z is a really good movie to watch to pass the time.

  • is world war z a really good movie to pass the time? im sorry i just cant see anyones opinions about the movie on this post

  • Fido.

  • Dawn of the Dead Original and 2004 Remake. Or Diary of the Dead.

    Games: Dead Rising 1 or 2 is fun as heck. If you like Dawn of the Dead then it's THE Game, alone for its Atmosphere. You can mess around in a Mall full of Zombies and you get tons of Stuff to beat them with. Also there's a Time Limit in the Story, so you have to choose from several Tasks. Like saving Survivors or doing a Mission and stuff like this. Or maybe both at a Time, if you think you can handle it.

  • Yep! I really liked it. It reminded me of The Walking Game in several ways :)

  • Just finished The Last of Us. It was amazing.

  • Good for you. I wish I have PS3.

  • i know this technically says zombie games to play to pass the time, but my two game suggestions are heavy rain and beyond two souls they are not zombie games but its a story based on choices you make in game that can change the outcome of your story (heavy rain more-so than beyond two souls with charactera being able to die etc)

  • 'The Horde" is a french zombie movie and while my boyfriend found it awful I enjoyed it a lot actually.

  • hello, i just bought state of decay at the autumn sale on steam and it's very interesting.

  • State of Decay is an interesting choice.

  • State Of Decay is kind of fun. And despite it's bad reviews Survival Instincts isn't to bad for a FPS.

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