If the character's played the walking dead game

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Y'know how celebrities turn up at the premier's of their own movies they started in alongside the director's or atleast.. private screenings? Imagine TWD: VG crew are real, every character. And zombies are "extras" what do you think their reactions will be to the season and/or ending too?
Let your imagination flow. Even include Rick and his group if you wish.


  • Lee: Why the hell you killed me Clementine?!
    Clementine: You said you will turn...

  • Christa: I don't sound THAT cantankerous! Omid: Keep telling yourself that, babe.

  • Lilly: I wasn't THAT bitchy!

    Christa: I don't sound THAT cantankerous! Omid: Keep telling yourself that, babe.

  • Larry: "I was still breathing, son of a ...!"

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    Lee : So, Kenny, why aren't you pressing any buttons again ?
    Kenny : Because that's how I can kick your ass in the train, problem ?

    Lee : This time I'm not going to fall for it ! Lemme check that trash before the walk.....
    Omid : You got bit dude, again.

    Lily : Dad, why do you keep talking to Brenda St John ? She's been repeating herself for 30 minutes now, what do you want to accomplish ?
    Lary : Last time I didn't have the chance to go all the way with her because your stupid friend couldn't keep his nose under his armpits so this time I'm going to make sure I get what I want.
    Lee : Close your eyes Clementine.
    Clementine : What ? But ...

    Lee : Ok Lary so next is a pretty difficult decision you see, you'll be pretty tempted to just cut my arm off because you hate me but just think about it for 2 seconds ...
    Lary : Yup, done. cut it off

    Lee : Lily, why didn't you wait for me and Clementine ? You said we could start over again with the 3 of us !
    Lily : Actually that's what I planned too but .. Daddy stole the controller away from me and .... Well
    Lee : Damn...

    Vince : Okay then, let's try here. 5minutes later how about there ? 5 minutes later maybe like this...
    Danny : Hey mate, why do you keep rewinding back like that ? I want my turn to play.
    Justin : It's planned like this, the makers didn't even think you would get away, look, you already have the ankle cuffs on while you're running the DAY BEFORE.
    Vince : Fuck them...

    Wyatt : Can we try something new ?
    Eddie : What do you mean ?
    Wyatt : I mean, I've been trying to loose this rock-paper-scissors thing for HOURS but you just suck too badly at it. I mean usually you challenge people at a game you think you at least have a chance to win but this ? Man
    Eddie : WHAT DID YOU SAY ?

    Vernon : This just won't do, I think Kenny hates me.
    Brie : What are you doing Vernon, it's not like you to be preoccupied by what others think.
    Vernon : It's not that, last time when we stole the boat they left Kenny and that ball-capped idiot punched me in the guts before we could control him. Now I even have troubles walking straight so I'm going to make sure he goes with Lee.
    Brie : Oh it's true I was wondering why you were leaning on the left

    Clementine : Lee, why is Ben crying ?
    Lee : Because he realized even though he was in control of the story he's still completely useless.
    Clementine : Oooh, I see.

    Police Officer : .....
    Lee : So.
    Police Officer : .....
    Lee : Excuse me but, aren't you supposed to talk ?
    Police Officer : .....
    Lee : Oooh, you're going for the silent Lee playthrough.
    Police Officer : What ? Someone did that ?
    Lee : Well yeah.
    Police Officer : And, did I survive ?
    Lee : What ?
    Police Officer : I mean, if you don't talk to me maybe i'll concentrate on the road and ...
    Lee : You don't even have a name, think there's any chance you'll survive ?
    Police Officer : Yup, Definitely not.

  • I love you guys :D

  • Kenny: Why did i jump down that hole again

    Christa: shut up

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    Lee: I keep getting killed by Brenda in the house! Kenny: Maybe if you stop calling her a Bitch you wouldn't get shot! Lee: I like calling her a bitch. Clementine: Swear!

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