• The "Reason with him" option in the first pharmacy scene - episode 1.

  • When killing wall street (Justin) in 400 made Vince not trust people at the end, and I'm not gonna kill Danny just because I want Vince to stay with everyone !

  • Also, I wanted to tell Vernon politely that I didn't want to leave Clementine with him, given how much the two of us had been through together. But the only option that resembled that was 'Walk away'...at which point Lee turns into a raging psychopath, throwing Vernon up against the door and threatening him with death if he tries to take Clem away. Threw me way off guard.

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one bothered by that.

    Another one that bothered me is when you find Molly. Clementine escapes the house to find you, and if you ask her what she's doing, he'll almost yell at her, "What the hell are you doing out here?" or something to that effect. Also, the scene where Christa confronts Clementine about the radio - there doesn't seem to be a calm sort of answer, they all seem pretty drilling of either Christa or Clementine.

    • I was annoyed when the game kept telling me I was wrong in episode four. I didn't feel the response was wrong when it was harsher to make a point when Clem doinb something that felt dangerous which is why intended it be harsher than normal. I can undertand not using the respone, but it shouldn't be judging a choice like that. There are a few choices lke that. I was just annoyed by Christa's constant insults to Lee and didn't see her as being concerned about Clem. She's insultng or demands of everyone to risk a for Omid. I got the idea of what they were trying to do with Christa, but I don't understand how insulting everyone and making demands was suppose to achieve that. I was annoyed with new characters taking such active role in what's basicaly them telling Lee he's a piece of shit who can''t take care of Clem. They seemed way too new while Lee and Clem had been together for so long an they didn't do anything to give strangers any reason to start forcing themselves between them. It seemed pretty obvious to me that Lee was her guardian at that point until he either died or they found her parents.

  • I'm glad he went off on Vernon, one of the few times I chose a hostile option so this old guy and a group of old people (who let all there kids die presumably) want to look after Clem NO LEAVE OLD MAN.... oh and thanks for fixing up omid...

  • In episode 4, you have an option to tell Clem "Remember what Kat said," in response to her asking if things were going to get better.

    In one of my playthroughs, I chose it just to see her reaction. I didn't expect her to say "and now she's dead." Got a Carl "vibe" from her. Didn't like that at all.

  • At least it's not LA Noire.

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  • Instead, he went on a hilariously stupid and incoherent digression about how politicians were corrupt or something, which to Lee is apparently not that much different from people being torn apart and eaten by walking corpses. Katjaa was appropriately confused and so was I.

    Actually it wasn't that stupid when you think about it. The guy he killed was a senator, a politician, and probably not a good guy. Lee wasn't ready to tell Katjaa about his prison sentence by that time, so it isn't that illogical

  • Episode 1, when we enter the pharmacy and Clem grabs Lee's hand and is like "I need to pee", you've got two options. I didn't want to sound indifferent by choosing "Just go" so I chose "In a minute" but Lee says it so exasperatedly! I didn't want to snap at her. Seconding the Vernon scene, I wanted to firmly tell him to walk away but wow... calm your tits Lee. I can partially understand his outburst considering what they'd been through and he was already paranoid and overprotective with the radio situation and all but still. A little too harsh on him, unless you chose a Scumbag!Lee version where everything is pretty much justifiable.

  • I was really pissed of that the reason with him option counted as siding against Kenny. I actualy went back and made sure that Kenny understood I had his back in that fight.

    I've also seen some playthroughs where people want to throw duck out and choose "Its him or Duck", which leads Lee to say Larry should be thrown out.

  • Vernon's question was weird and offensive to me. The first line made him sound more like pervert to me, but I knew that wasn't the way he's meant to sound as he continued.

    I wouldn't let Clem have a vote regarding ben because it seemed ridiculous to let her vote on such a serious question she obviously isn't old enough to understand. Lee tells her no in the a way that is clearly saying you made the wrong choice, but I wouldn't have changed it since it felt wrong to involve an 8 year old when she didn't understand what he had done wrong.

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