• I don't know what to say. OP isn't upset that female characters are fridged, except that there is a loss of eye candy.

    That's... kind of messed up.

    Also, are young guys the primary demographic for Telltale Games? I know dudes like to assume that video games revolve around them, but I don't know how true that is, especially not in this case. Regardless, fridging of female characters is a problematic thing beyond the loss of eye candy OP is so choked up about. I honestly didn't like the direction TWAU took in its first chapter, but I'm willing to give it a chance because the premise and source material is very strong.

    • I agree with you, I'm pretty sure that young males is not the majority of gamers anymore, that's a very close minded way to think. It's pretty close to about 50% of each gender.

      • Who here is a woman? I AM! Jeez, isn't this way of thinking dead yet? I have been a gamer since I was 5 years old, but it wasn't my father who made me a gamer, it was my mother. Hell, she was Space Invaders champion in a state-wide competition! So thinking that the majority of gamers are males is old-fashioned and wrong. I can list to you, of the 100 people on my friends list on Xbox, a total of 17 people who are playing The Wolf Among Us right now. Know what? 15 of them are females! In a round-about way, The Wolf Among Us has some ways of being geared heavily towards female gamers, as well. It stars princesses from fairytales we all grew up with and, on a side note, Bigby is incredibly good looking. Is it possible that this was a way of making their FEMALE buyers happy? I wouldn't think Bigby would be made to look as gorgeous as he does just for "young male buyers". This is a joke! Seriously! I hate how people STILL think this way!

        • Bigby is crazy hot, and so is Snow ! However that's not why I like them, I like Bigby because he's a jerkass with a heart of gold, and he's funny, so many good lines. As for Snow, she's just a boss, I could imagine her giving the best speeches before a battle, she keeps a calm head in bad moments. That's why I like the characters.

          • I love you, man! Haha! You are my new best friend! XD
            In all seriousness, you are absolutely right. I wasn't implying that the only reason a woman could like Bigby or a man could like Snow was based upon their looks, all I'm saying is that they appear to be marketed toward the gender who will find them attractive. I've honestly never been the type of girl who likes wolf-men or anything like that, but I'll be darned if I didn't fall for Bigby! I'm glad you agree with me and weren't quick to jump me for having an opinion.

            • I dont know if youve read the comics but I think they sexed him up some for the game. He looks more grizzled in the comic but you do get to see him in his speedo underwear lol

  • So you want eye candy? You realize this is an animated. Video game not real women right? So I dont get the attractive female gripe here

  • I'm all for strong females in games but I got to disagree here, and I'll point out why. Firstly when you say "We don't care about smashing dudes heads in just let the females live" that's just as bad, we are going for equality yes. Secondly even though Christa is a strong female character that didn't get killed but no mention of her here, and what about Clem ? Sure she's not physically strong but she was one of the strongest characters in the entire first season of the walking dead. Just because a character is physically weak doesn't make them a non strong character. Lastly every character death in both series has been justified so far, I'm sure this Snow thing will resolve it's self and because Telltale has a good history of making strong female characters I'm sure we are gonna see more of them in The Wolf Among US, Hell I've been reading the comic I know we'll see more.

    • I think that he didn't mention those two because he is talking about "attractive" females.

      • I'm not saying he was talking about only the strong attractive females but if he was that would defeat the point of this argument.

        • I'm with you, MegaMoto. Thanks for taking up for females' portrayals in video games. If you're going to play The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, don't be doing so just for the eye candy. If you want to see "attractive females", go play GTA. That way, you can get alllll the "attractive females" you could want.

  • Sometimes I despair, I really do.

  • I'm curious, in what way were Snow and Carley 'vulnerable'?

  • Telltale wrote some of the best female characters in videogames.
    I really hope they don't go through any changes from "characters" to "stereotype".

  • They're doing this on purpose you know. So you would get pissed at them. Same thing happened with Carly, I certainly knew it was gonna happen here :D

  • As far as I can recall, the only female characters to die prior to TWD were Morgan and Momma Bosco. Even then, they were resurrected. To the OP, you're obviously new to Telltale, so don't claim to know what their trends are in their games. Secondly, your warped perception that all gamers think like you and the idea that good games are based primarily on eye candy is frankly disgusting. Go troll the Replay Games website, if it's eye candy you're after.

    • Amen, bro! I think it's also blatantly obvious that it wasn't just the female characters who died in TWD. What about all of the males? In the universe of TWD, it doesn't matter if you were a frumpy housewife or a supermodel, you have the same shot at either being shot in the face or bitten by a walker. Let's not forget that Lily shot Doug, if he was the survivor in your game. It wasn't based solely on her being an attractive female.

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