black screen again

So, I got the black screen once and I read that I could move my Props prefs file on to my desk top, and it worked. Now I've got a black screen again and the props prefs file was back so I moved it again, but it keeps coming back and I still get the black screen. I did that download information thing, it should show up here.


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    If you have not run it before, the game silently downloads about 40MB of updates at the beginning, which can take a few minutes. I can see in your temp folder that it's in the middle of updating.
    Just let it sit for a while. It needs to be in full screen or focused in order to progress.

  • Ah, thank you. I used up my bandwidth, so it was taking for ever. Now that it's the first it started right up, along with more stuff on the start up screen.

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