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    Maybe it is that random guy who she bumped into when she was bringing him to the first head? He seemed to.. clean.. Lol. :P

  • The killer is not Colin....

  • The deaths so far scream "headless horsemen", but that's too obvious. We definitely haven't seen the killer yet and I doubt we will until episode 4 or 5.

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      I wonder who it will be. And if some things suggested will happen.. Like snow isn't really dead.. I don't know how that could be, but.. hmm.. Then grandblackheart goes and says he doesn't think there is a killer, and now that is and interesting thought.. But.. Then what are those heads?

    • I agree with prince charming. There is people that with have seen that could be connected to the killer. But I don't think with have seen the killer.

  • What if its Icobob, no one respects him since he ran from the horsemen....so now he is chopping heads to show them they are wrong.

  • It can't be Colin because he appears in the comics and is a good character.I think the killer is someone we haven't seen yet or maybe it is a group of people.

  • I have a theory that girl with a ribbon that died first - is not Faith. There are no evidence that she is really Faith except photo in Book Of Fables that could be easily switched by someone who have access to cabinet...

    • That theory can easily be disproved. Her cloak is at Toad's place, the ring is Faith's, the ribbon is Faith's.

  • I've read about a few theories and the one I think fits the best is this ( I didn't come up with it, just passing it along to see what you think.):
    There is a ginger Bigby bumps into at the beginning of the came right before the discovery of Faith's head. He is also seen in the apt building pinned under the couch you have to move when chasing Dee Twiddle. Additionally, brief glimpses of the taxi driver show that it is the same ginger. The tie he wears has sheperd's crooks on it, which is leading people to believe he is the Boy Who Cried Wolf and that he might have some vendetta against Bigby.

    The part I came up with myself involves the murder weapon. My theory is that Bluebeards sword has been stolen and he hired the Tweedles to track it down discreetly after he heard about the first murder (from his buddy Crane, I'm sure). That would explain why the Tweedles are on the same path as you and why they won't say who they work for. Bluebeards sword is obviously sharp enough to behead Fables, so it fits. What do you think?

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      Yeah I posted a link to that above. Someone also said that the guy who has his leg bandaged in that scene where bigby is coming into crane's office with the mirror might be to blame.. Remember the fence? The Jeans/the cut??

      But I like that theory as more then one.. Maybe some mundys have found out about their world.. Working together.. The ginger and the cut leg guy are part of them.. Killing fables :P War of the worlds!! Muaahaha. Where is tom cruise?

      Or perhaps something from the other world has finally found them.. They were exiled from somewhere? Someone said something about an adversary.. I wonder what that was.. Back in their homeland I mean.

      • I saw you posted the link. Just didnt seem like anyone was reading it..lol. I didnt even notice the guy with cut jeans. Maybe there is a big conspiracy. If so, it will most likely have to do with people revolting against the way things are. I think Bibgy will end up being the fall guy, because most people hate him. Or strongly dislike him..

  • I like looking at theories. Some don't make sense and some do. An interesting one is Beauty, even though she won't end up being the killer, she might kill someone during the game. A good theory would be Peter from Peter & the Wolf.

  • Lmao you are so wrong about Colin being the murderer that it's funny.

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      Can I gather you've read the comic series and therefor know more then I do?

      I posted that after a playthrough. Only knowledge I have is from the first episode, as I'm sure goes for the majority of people who play the game. Though, I was thinking about checking into the comic series. But don't want it ruining the game experience. So maybe later.

      In anycase.. "random theories" Doesn't even have to be about the killer.. Could be anything to do with the game. I just think it would be a fun idea if the pig did it, lol.

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