Who to give the money to

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Im wondering what kind of impact the money choice will have on later episodes or if it'll even be significant maybe giving it to faith will result in u finding someone with the exact amount u gave her and he/she will be connected with the murder or giving it to the bar owner will just have a more positive relationship later or something? ideas?



  • Honestly don't think it'll be too significant.

  • Interesting, I don't know. Maybe Holly would be a little helpful later?

  • Give it to anyone except a hooker who hasn't done anything for you.

  • Except put an axe in the back of the guy's head who was choking you to death..

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    lol, if you think he was anywhere close to killing Bigby then you're delusional. Let me know when you get around to reading the comics.

  • You said that she never did anything for you. Regardless of how much trouble you were really in, she still HELPED you out. Maybe it was good she did it anyway so you wouldn't go wolf mode in public where mundies might see you.. So thanks, but I won't be needing any comics to defend my statement.

  • i was wondering. what would happen if you lost in all QTE scenes, Bigby dies? like in previous TT games? or just become a monster?

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    I think that the only QTE you MUST beat so far is the one where you wrestle over Woody's axe, otherwise Bigby gets killed.

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    Your retort implied that she saved your life, which she didn't. Oh yeah, the worthless prostitute helped "relieve" a situation that she helped cause. Brilliant!

    "I don't need comics to back up my misinformed statement", lol you're such a casual. No worries though, keep pretending like you know everything about Fables. Never mind that Bigby has run through the city in full wolf form before...

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    Ok here we go.. Your original comment was.. "Give it to anyone except a hooker who hasn't done anything for you." Then I gave good evidence showing that she did do something for you regardless of how I presented it. From what I've just read, you actually agree with me that she did help; saying the prostitute HELPED "relieve" a situation. And I don't think she caused it because who would want to cause a situation where they get the shit slapped out of them? Oh by the way, whether she caused it or not is irrelevant to whether she's helped you or not. "Keep pretending like you know everything about Fables." Really? Have we once through this discussion debated about what we actually know about the fables themselves?? And if even he's run through the city wolf form before that doesn't mean it's a good thing. Why doesn't he just walk around all the time in wolf form then? Stop the ignorant comments, you're looking like a stupid asshole now.

  • Bigby does not use glamour Read The Wolf in the Fold before even thinking Bigby uses glamour. I'm not gonna argue about anything else.

  • You can also die if you don't fight Grendel after changing to early werewolf form

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    Thanks for clearing that up if that is true, but my contention still stands; being that it would probably be a bad thing for him to go around in wolf form all the time.

  • Hey I heard a theory somewhere on the forums that giving money to Faith might look like Bigby is her last client, and so if someone saw he would immediately be implicated in the murders. Ppl would think that he saw her last and had a motive to kill her. just a theory

  • The goose that lays golden eggs would have to lay eggs till one mundane generation dies out.

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    Except there is a loose hole, Woody. If someone noticed the incident than they would have seen it from the beginning. And that would mean the idea to not give Faith money pretty idiotic.

  • Bigby gets money whenever he needs it. He donates steadily to the Fabletown government which he regains by doing cases every so often. Bigby ain't greedy. The best option when getting whiskey is charge Crane

  • I don't know what the hell you're talking about but I gave you a thumbs up...

  • The goose that lays golden eggs would have to lay billions of eggs. Bigby would get money from the eggs he sells. He would have to give the money to Frau Totenkinder. Frau would cast a very strong memory spell on all of New York. No one would even know about it.

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    I went to the bathroom and vomited 7 times because I couldn't handle all of that comment at once. Thanks for your input though.

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    Bigby is not seen running through the city in wolf form or werewolf form in the game. The time setting does not fit. I only explained the only way Bigby could do it.

  • Well then prince charming was wrong.. I was only replying to what he said lol..

  • forgot to add "in the game"

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    No I am not...Bigby has run through the city in wolf form. He also happens to be close with the leader of Fable Towns Magicians. A group who can replace peoples memories on a whim. Please keep commenting on things you know nothing about. It's pretty darn hilarious. XD

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    I see the sarcasm was a little beyond your reading comprehension. So sorry for that buddy, but I don't actually think "Donkey Skin" did anything for Bigby. We can just agree to disagree.

    I never said Bigby running through the city in wolf form is a good thing, but the fact is that he has done it in the comics. So your silly point about "OMG THE MUNDIES WILL SEE HIM!" is pointless. Especially since he has ties to a witch who can alter peoples memories.

    I find it hilarious that you are whipping out words like "ignorant" and 'stupid" while you continue argue points about a series that you know nothing about. Keep em coming casual. ;)

  • Prince Charming is right. The time it happens in the comics was dire. Mundy memory loss free of charge. If only a few mundies notice Bigby's wolf form than part of the money Bigby would get from solving the investigation goes to Frau Totenkinder.

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    WOW what a cop out!! "We can just agree to disagree" sure is a retreative, watered down statement from your other comments debating about how she really didn't help. You also have a bit of a self conflicting statement.. "I never said Bigby running through the city in wolf form is a good thing, but the fact is that he has done it in the comics" So if you don't say its a good thing, then you are open-minded to it being a bad thing.. So you just almost agreed with my point you declared "silly", which is that it might be a bad thing. I also LOVE how most of the attention of this discussion has turned from whether faith helped Bigby or not, your original comment which you still have given no good argument for her not helping him, to the fact that he has publicly been wolf form in the city, which, if you look at all of my comments above, I never argued whether he had or hadn't, so I'm not sure how the attention got switched there.. "you continue to argue points about a series that you know nothing about." HAHAHAHA!! Seeing as I'm arguing with you about the context of a PREQUEL, that so far only has ONE playable episode... Are you then arguing about something you don't know much about either??? ROFL... Keep dodging your original contention that started this debate... "casual." ;)

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    Ok then lol that's fine... I never argued whether Bigby has run through the city wolf-form or not.. look at the comments above, I'm trying to explain that Faith in some way, shape or form has helped him out at the beginning of the game. By the way we are arguing about the context of this GAME.. a PREQUEL.. NOT the COMICS.. which is in the FUTURE.. So during the prequel.... he actually may not have done the things you have mentioned at all.. we don't know yet. And whether he has or not is STILL some-what irrelevant to my debate with him at this point.

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    I replied to your comment below before commenting on this one.. So I guess I'll just continue on with this "running through the city" thing by saying that it is getting drug out a bit to much, and it isn't defending your original contention with Faith. And I completely agree, this is getting to be quite funny. Get back in touch soon.

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    She prevented him from "turning" in public. It was also the act. She got beat up, and now has to return empty handed. She could have just left. Instead she helps. That's why people gave her the money. Your statement was disgusting and misogynistic, and was more a callous joke about prostitutes being unworthy of compassion, unless they put out.

    Maybe you just expected your audience here to be more receptive to your brand of humor, but it isn't. Try Gamespot, or IGN.

    Points for the ironic name though.

  • HAHAHA!! Couldn't have said it any better!!

  • Bigby had the ties with the most powerful witch 300 years prior to the game's timeline.

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    I get where this changed into a debate on Bigby's wolf form.

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    OK that's FINE if that is true but that still has almost nothing to do with our debate at his point!! lmao. That could not be further from my central argument.. about the witch and what not..

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    I get WHY this did too.. because he wants to focus on a very unimportant point to try to turn the attention elsewhere, and it's a point i'm not even arguing against and he isn't even talking about the whole reason we started this discussion either.. Look no offense but unless you see our early comments and you know what we're actually talking about (or supposed to be talking about) please stay out of this.

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