The News Was A Screenshot!

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Now lets get to discussing why its important!



  • 2 obvious things to note
    Clementine is with Omid shhdhfyd YYAYAYAYAYAY
    And 2nd there at Gil's pit stop
    I think this is the beginning of the opening of twd season 2 by telltale games!!!!! This means they are releasing concrete information about season 2 so yay

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    The screenshot is just a tease. The real news incoming tomorrow. Hopefully, a release date.

  • Though it was just a screenshot I'm pretty damned pleased with it. Omid! :)

  • Yeah :) it was a really awesome screenshot that showed several important things to season 2

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    Omid and the diner from 400 Days. Thrilled for this.

  • where did you see there will be more news tomorrow?

  • Yeah, Omid still looking happy-go-lucky, which bodes well that Christa isn't dead.

  • Like Clem's different clothing which only happened in season 1 after a major plot point and Omid's mood/facial expression. He seems happy so we can asume nothing bad has happened to Christa or he has gotten over it.

  • I wonder how much has changed with Clem, Omid and Christa. Season one only took place in the first 100 or so days, now its 300 days or so since season 1, so they would have all experienced alot more than what they all did in season 1.

  • I was under the impression that we were going to get some real news after Thanksgiving. If the only thing we are getting is a screenshot... Well, color me disappointed. Yes, the screenshot is cool, but if we are going to have the first episode BEFORE Christmas, then they better get us a release date soon as the 25th is just over 3 weeks away. If the game is going to be delayed, tell us! Enough with the silence and secrets!

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    Looks incredible. :) Way too pumped for this!
    It looks like the promotional picture has been released too!
    Alt text

  • They weren't kidding when they said this will raise more questions than answer them. How did Clem find Omid? Where the hell is Christa (and her baby)? Why are they at the diner? How badly am I going to regret the fact that everyone went with Tavia?

  • I agree, We need a date but it did say under the new screenshot that it is releasing this month so they are on track. But man we have been waiting along time

  • Gil's Diner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I actually think going with Tavia was a good thing. My 1st and 2nd saves everyone went with Tavia and 3rd only Bonnie went jut to see the differences.

  • I also just noticed Omid doesnt have a weapon (that can be seen). This may mean during this scene there is a 3rd person with them that just currently isnt on screen.

  • Keep in mind during season 1 characters seemed to be able to pull rifles out of their infinite pockets at will. He probably has a pistol or something.

  • I missed you Carley pic! :p

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    IM IN SEASON 2!!! Sick! I can't even imagine all the bad jokes I'm gonna pull at the wrong times! Yeeaahhh!!!

  • Their tweets for one said Monday.

  • Alt text

    Oh. My. Jesus.

  • My new white jacket is so pimpin Christa can't even handle me.

  • Where's Omid's awesome jacket? Srs Telltale, Omid's Jacket for Season 2.

  • I'm starting to understand more how 400 Days is connected to season 2. Seeing Clem and Omid at the diner. I'm sure there's more ways they're linked but it's a great sign.

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    (Upon first seeing Omid As Clem)

    Clementine: Omid! (Runs over to Omid!)

    Omid: Holy shit, Clem?! (Runs over and hugs Clem)
    Shit, you're almost as tall as I am now!


    |"That doesn't take much"|


    |"Lee told me to find you and your pregnant girlfriend."|


    I can't wait to see Omid and Clem interact more

  • Seriously excited as hell.

  • I'm happy Omid is alive :)

  • They changed their minds, and decided "Monday" was going to be a day earlier. For us. Though I still would have much preferred a release date, or at least info on how the development's going.

  • So Clem is with Omid and at the Gil's Pit stop? That setups up some interesting scenarios for a 400 Days crossover. I'm so excited!

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    They said before Monday

  • I wonder if Clem, Omid, and Christa will stick to one location like they did for the first three episodes of Season 1, or if they'll keep on the move.
    Them staying at the diner as well as going other places could be ways that the choices made in 400 Days could make a comeback.

  • Yeah, it all seems to be adding up. This is great!

  • Important questions - when it takes place. During or after 400 Days episode? Before or after previous teasers. Clementine looks lonely in them, so Omid may die.

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    That was the "news"....seriously. . This company is a joke a real game company would give us news or not bother to announce that there would be news. . I just don't get it, its like they are begging us to not take them seriously or give a shit about what they say or do..mission accomplished. . No way they release twd and twau like promised this month.. so they will have to backtrack and look foolish yet again.. they cant handle making real games that people want.. stick to sam and max so no one will notice your late released bug ridden game..and this "company" is competing for consumers dollars with the likes of rockstar..ea..2k..ubisoft lmfao pathetic

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    There'll be more news:

    Nah, that screenshot was the only thing I was referring to. I'd say "more news SOOOOON" but you guys love to tease us about that... ;)

    I daresay there'll be something more before the premiere in the next few weeks though.

    Just be patient, man, we now know Omid's alive and well, Gil's Pitstop will play a part in the Season 2 story and Episode 1 is still on track for release this month. That's news to me.

  • Calm down!!! The game is going to be released VERY soon! That would be why we weren't given much information. We don't really NEED a whole lot. For all you know the episode could release sometime this week. We were also told it would release BEFORE christmas. I don't it would be released say 3 days before christmas. Being christmas and all, a game like that wouldn't really fit in well with christmas on our minds. Either this week or the next is my guess. Within the first 2 weeks of December is my guess, so please, don't lose your mind just yet, we all feel your pain. Episode 1 is extremley close, just keep calm for a short time longer. Don't lose your cool man!

  • I am calm im just stating fact..I've moved on to just enjoying my xbox one and not caring wether these games are ever released.. just laughing at the embarrassing mess its become now.. like my earlier post said they will never compete with real game companies like this.. I don't know what telltale is but a game company its not

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    HAHA This does raise more questions than answers them! Such as: (really important) Clem changed backpack! Not to mention her hooded top is a different colour than the one from previous screenshots

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