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Canon Crap

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Anyone notice all the canon stuff besides me?Like Temporarios?
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  • I think most of us noticed the internal references.
  • this topic for some reason has Dangeresuque 1, 2, and 3 car PARKED IN THE FIELD (true) spraypainted all over it
  • Ok Strong Awesome, I'm tired of reading "the dangeresque car" every time you want to point it out. It's SB's Gremlin, formerly Bubs', but The Cheat won it in Dominoes. Just because it was used for a movie doesn't make it the movie's car. I bet you don't do that with police cars, saying "oh look it's the Hot Fuzz car" every time you see one. That movie is an example, pick your favorite police movie, but the point remains the same. I understand your enthusiasm, but please do some HRWiki reading about the obscure references, that way you can find out something you may not have known.

    So very much back on topic....
    I expect to see at least 200 inside references, based on the minimum 3-10 in a 3-5 minute cartoon.
  • I'm sorry who are you again I think your unkown
  • Strong Awesome;68675 said:
    I'm sorry who are you again I think your unkown
    And you only have 80 posts because of a massive chain of new threads, so let's be respectful to everyone, okay?
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