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Season 2 German Subtitles?

posted by Weide on - Viewed by 745 users

Will Season 2 have german subtitles from the beginnig? 400 Days had, so I'm confident about that but not sure.

  • Hmmmm don't think so :/ But if.......would it be AWESOME

  • I preordered Season 2. If there won't be german subs, I will try it without. My english isn't bad, but I have some difficulties to understand what the person is exactly saying.

    I guess, if there won't be german subs, there will be english ones at least. And that should do it in a pinch. ;-)

  • I just finished Episode 01. With english subs on, I had no problem at all. And furthermore there is the new possibility to pause the game with spacebar. If someone should have problems to understand what is spoken, he could always pause and thoroughly read the subs.

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