• I'm sorta a dick towards the women in my playthrough (silence to Snow and telling on Beauty), but the reason behind me not giving Faith the money is simply that I didn't feel the need to give it to her. It just felt like something I could do out of the good of my heart but I ultimately decided to counter that.

  • I tend to have a strange format when playing these games (at least, between TWD and TWAU). In my first playthrough, I'll attempt to do everything as I would do it. In my first playthrough of TWAU, I chose to give her the money, simply because it was a nice thing to do. Granted, if I were in Bigby's situation, I probably wouldn't have given her all my money, but I didn't have that option.

    My second playthrough, I generally try to play differently than my first playthrough, perhaps "better". I look at what consequences I know thus far of my decisions in my first playthrough, and use that knowledge to make different decisions. Thus, in my second playthrough, I didn't give Faith money, since I knew she'd be dead. I was also curious as to what else I could spend my money on, like the cigarettes in the Trip Trap or paying for the damages. Now that I think, it's possible to go the whole episode without paying anything, so perhaps in another playthrough I'll be as frugal as possible.

  • I didn't give her the money. Mostly because I am not a lonely guy who gives all his cash to prostitutes in need.

  • The money is obviously an item that will be used later. Giving it away so early is exactly what Telltale WANTS you to do.

    Besides, she's a prostitute. Yes, I felt bad, but in the end she was illegally eliciting money (if they follow most law).

  • I gave her the money because... I, uhm, thought she might be a possible love interest and I wanted to get on her good side. >_>

    What can I say? Bioware RPGs have conditioned me.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I didn't give Faith the money only because I wanted to pay for the drink in the end. xD

    But on my first playthrough I did give her the money.

  • I give her the money, cause this is how i am in RL. If I can help then i do it, especially if it is a woman. ;)

  • You do know that the money you give her goes to her pimp right? Maybe she gets a cut of it but in the end you are just supporting her pimp's business and she should have come clean to you as a witness instead of leaving you clueless.

  • I didn't give her money because she didn't ask for money.

    It is not part of the job of town sheriff to throw money at every unlucky person we meet.

    Besides, I thought it would have a good use later on. Which it did.

  • Can't you get your money back later on? I remember when I went to see the pimp Georgie you could open this hatch where there would be 58 dollars laying, the amount you gave to Faith. I don't know why I didn't take it back so stupid lol I thought it might get me in trouble somehow.

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