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Noticed Bugs

posted by Dibz1 BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 428 users

I might be tired, but I didn't notice this thread..

One bug I noticed today on yet another playthrough was.. I gave matches to faith in the beginning to light her cig.. Then when I was in the trip trap.. Some how the dialog qued when I picked the talk bubble on the dart board.. something like "you know where I got these matches? from woodsman's room" something like that.. Even though you gave her the matches, lol.. As the ones he picked up from the bar he tossed back making a snarky remark.. "get your money back" Lol.

I also noticed a hiccup of sorts.. I was beating the woodsman on the bed, finished.. he got up to grab the axe.. Then BOOM .. we was back on the bed and I was beating him again.. Then a game freeze, lol.

A couple little bugs.. But mostly that is it, beyond the odd frame rate drops, and laggy dialog parts, which is nothing new.

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