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The Walking Dead died

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It has been revealed that for the next season you will be playing as a little girl(puke), as if we haven't been annoyed by her enough in the first season.
Seriously, I barely got to the end of the first season thinking I would eventually ditch the obnoxious brat.
Why did you ruin your game so..

  • This is your second thread in which you state how much you dislike The Walking Dead. If you don't like it, may I ask why you're hear, on a discussion board for the game, talking about it?

    As to your post... they made Clementine the protagonist in this one because the vast majority of people have grown very attached to her and want to see what happens next to her. It makes good creative - and business - sense.

  • Man, how sucky does it feel being so incredibly wrong?

  • The vast majority of the community like Clementine. Deal with it.

  • And what's up with shoving females down our throats, why couldn't it have been a boy?
    Did you think you would get cheap sentiments out of it being a girl?
    You do realize that the majority of players are male and do not wish to play as girls...

    • Hope you're having fun trolling. What you're essentially asking for is a game that isn't TWD.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      @quatrog Go and play The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. That is the game for you. And leave this forum outside your trolling.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Don't know where BioWare collects those statistics. Flyover states? Certainly not from my personal computer, that much is certain. ;)

      Electronic Arts has a history of boasting with their stance towards gender issues at every possible opportunity. They are literally issuing press releases about how fast female NPC designs are approved by the management for the Mass Effect franchise. When they're being voted worst company in America twice in a row, they see it as the homophobes' reaction to their portrayal of LGBT characters in game. One thing is certain, though: Bioware does what Bioware thinks is popular among their gamers. If they really thought only 18% would choose a female Shepard, they would have abandonned the character by the second game.

      In this forum, you'd certainly find a rather different balance. I've specifically even read the stance here that male Shepard just has an unbearably bland voice and should therewith be excluded from Mass Effect canon, leaving 'FemShep' as the only actually real character choice. Extreme, certainly, but that's the other side of the badge BioWare likes to slap on everybody. I personally wanted to try a male Shepard for three years now. I just can't bring myself to do it although I've played these games half a dozen times.

      You will also find that your 'majority of players are male' idea varies extremely from title to title and genre to genre, and we have quite a mixed group here on the forums for a change. That might be different when you go on your average FPS or RTS game forum, but right here and for this type of game, we're balancing things out quite a bit. Always remember that.

      Clementine is an established and beloved character in Telltale's TWD. She went with almost universal approval in the video game world. Her voice actress has taken home awards for the performance. Poor Sean Vanaman had to sit through more than one hour of Peter Molyneux praising the shit out of him for that work. If you did not understand why Season 1 revolved around her and Lee's relationship, I can get behind that, but would also postulate that you could not possibly have hoped to understand the upcoming Season 2.

      Telltale's risking a lot by making Clementine the main character. It will be spectacular if they're doing it right though. If you'd rather have another Rick story, there are plenty of other zombie games out there, and practically every one of these has their playable Rick. It's time to crank up the volume in the video game world. Main characters don't always have to be heroically bold, unapproachable, muscular, athletic 18 to 35 year old males, and they also don't have to be easy harrypotterish instant identification figures for the 14 year olds. Hopefully Telltale's narrative direction remains far, far, faaaar more intellectual than that.

      you will be playing as a little girl(puke)

      The way you phrased it, I think you're afraid to catch cooties. ;)

      • @Vainamoinen

        LOL, if the gaming industry were to listen to you it would go bankrupt within 2 years.
        I can't stand immersion breaking games where you are forced to play as a female like Mirror's Edge, Tomb Raider, Transistor, etc.. It completely puts you out of it and makes you feel like an observer.
        And playing as a little girl is even worse than that, developers here are completely clueless.

        • So according to your logic, since it 'sucks so much when you are forced to play as another gender' I guess it makes sense that 'the majority of players are male'.

          Anyway, if I could connect and think and act as Lee, a murderer with different gender, ethnicity and age from mine, it's safe to say it can work the other way round.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          You're right, Ubisoft, Eidos Interactive/Square Enix and Supergiant games have all gone bankrupt quickly after the games you mention. Heck, EA certainly did after Mass Effect. These games really don't have many followers anyway.

          You have an individual preference for playing male characters, and you have a lot of trouble to assume main character roles that do not mirror parts of your perceived or ideal self. That is OK. Many, especially older gamers have the same problem. You will find more than enough games that cater to your taste, it's still an idea the industry has for some reason.

          But you don't get to make blanket statements about the experience ("It puts you out of it"). As you might have seen, you're pretty much singled out in your stance here, and all these people are here explicitly FOR the kind of immersion you personally think is broken with a juvenile female character.

          TL;DR: For this complaint, you're in the wrong company's forum.

        • wow add sexiest to the list of reasons you should not be on this web site

        • As opposed to the thousands of games that "break immersion" by forcing women to play as male characters? Its not immersion breaking, if you can get over yourself. Anyone with a halfway decent imagination can insert themselves into any character. Do you have this issue with aliens, robots, or animals?

          Please. Only little boys fall apart when they play as a girl.

          Oh and despite my avatar, I'm male. Good characters, are good characters.

          • You're right. I'm male too and almost exclusively play female characters, sometimes because I like their VAs better than male ones. I.E. Mass Effect. Other times, they're just more pleasant to look at. Sometimes it's thrilling to get a slightly different perspective from playing an opposite gender. I have no trouble in assuming female roles, nor male ones. Hell, I loved playing as Lee. And I love playing as Clementine.

            TWD Season 2 provides us with very interesting protagonist, one that I'm already emotionally invested in. And so far, it's been pretty nice playing as Clementine. And I'm extremely interested to see how all of this will pan out.


            I think I know what OPs problem is but view his thread nothing more than a desperate need of an attention, when there's plenty of other games in the market to suit his low imagination and "special" requirements for a protagonist.

        • You sexist piece of shit!

        • I'm sure that it doesn't for girls, or for that matter, the vast majority of any gender who plays games. If what you're saying were true, those games would not exist.

      • I wish I could keep pressing the thumbs up button. I tried to make this comment a reply to Vainamoinen comment above.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          Well, it DID show up in my feed as a reply to my post, so that is something.

          Not sure who necroed this thread, but I do have to add something concerning EA's statistics about the percentage of female shepard players... advertising bias.

      • It's such a shame now that whenever I hear "Bioware" the first thing that pop's in my head is they made the worst game ending since Polybius.
        I used to love Mass effect, ahh the nostalgia....

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      Polygon recently came out with a really interesting article about the history of the industry and the stereotype of video games being for boys. Definitely worth a read if you've got the time.

      • Wow, very interesting indeed! I didn't know any of this stuff. It's insane how much thought is being put into it and how much the marketing outcome differentiates from country to country. I guess I am lucky - when my brother and I were kids, we started playing video games together and no one ever gave it a second thought. We both had gameboys, the first PS1 our parents bought was for the both of us and we spent equal time playing Worms Armageddon or Tomb Raider or w/e. I have no idea why parents nowadays would force those kinds of stereotypes on their children. .

      • Ive been playing video games since I was little and I got the taste from my mother so I am always glad to see other girl gamers around. We have a variety of tastes not just female-centric ones.

      1. The majority of people who played Mass Effect made male Shepards.
      2. The romance aspect is a major factor to that.
      3. BW's stats are highly dubious, as is.
      4. This game isn't Mass Effect, and the audience is different.
      5. There are plenty of games with female protagonists that are hugely popular.
      6. Clementine is a great character.
      7. Duck disproves your theory.
      8. So you're saying a boy's sentiment isn't cheap?
      9. MMORPGs many many men favor female characters.
      10. Games like Tomb Raider, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Portal, Beyond Good and Evil, Bayonetta, and many more, prove you utterly wrong.
  • trolls have invaded telltales community..we need to act soon or its full invasion by imature children

  • Yeah yeah, I think FUCK boys the oblivious f**ks and the most intelligent girls rule all the way yeah? That's what I am seeing.

  • This is why the choice to choose your gender and looks is present in a wide variety of games. This is why Diablo and Torchlight evolved from gender locked classes to complete choice for every class in Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2.

    Btw, I love how you completely dismiss the fact that less than a quarter of players played as female in Mass Effect, the most mainstream marketed game ever made.

    • I like how you dismiss the fact that female Shepard was so popular she got her own version of the game cover.

    • Most games... The Walking dead isn't most games you see.

      Do you even begin to realize how hard it would be to allow gender choice on a game such as this ? Most games with gender choice barely change 2 or 3 things during the game to make it feel like they're different. You mentionned Mass Effect, what changes does the game have if you pick Female ? Almost nothing, a different response to Wrex's opinions on women, and an extra Renegade Interrupt in Garrus's recruitment mission, big deal.

      Do you think that could work with TWD ? I don't think so.
      Being female in the Walking Dead changes almost everything, from the dialogue choices to the action you can/can't perform, even the reactions people have from what you say, everything. Factor in the changes the history will have depending on your actions and you simply get something too big to handle, for now. Telltale isn't the kind of company that would just slap on a female/male counterpart with 3 different dialogues out of thousands just to say "Hey look we put a gender choice buy our game plox". EA might be this kind of company, but not Telltale.

      The day they'll put gender choice if they do, they'll make it so that we don't feel like replaying the same thing with a pair of boobs in front of our nose and a different voice.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        Yeah, that's the beef I have with Mass Effect. Picking male or female is essentially irrelevant. It's the same person and that's that. What you do choose is wether you'd like to look at a guy's or a gal's ass for 40 hours. Maybe the 82% male Shepards mean that the girl on the sofa in front of the screen gets to make the call, who knows.

        The crux of the matter is that Walking Dead is an extremely narratively centered game. The range of protagonists shouldn't cater to the young demographic used to play games as wish fulfillment, it should cater to mature gamers who are interested in personalities besides their own. The same main character range as in movies or literature should be possible.

        But most of all - customization is not up to the player in these plot driven games, it's up to the designer. Lee as well as Clementine, as characters in a story, came with a fixed set of quirks, beliefs and morals, and these changed only just a bit during the Season. It should be just as easy understanding and playing as a 9 year old girl as it is playing as a 30-something murderer.

        If the video game industry puts its focus on storytelling, but limits itself to the one main character they think their demographic can best identify with, what comes out are just plain boring stories.

        • The range of protagonists shouldn't cater to the young demographic used to play games as wish fulfillment, it should cater to mature gamers who are interested in personalities besides their own. The same main character range as in movies or literature should be possible.


        • Exactly! Personally I like any game that gives me the option of putting myself in the place of the character, making choices from their point of view rather than my own.
          I play games to relax and to unload stress and just for fun. I don't always want to be Biotic charging hoardes of enemies, not that that's not fun, but I love more realistic theoretical situations you get from RPG and such.
          What I admire about Tell Tale is it's not your classic RPG, it's entirely character driven, so while your taking part in a story that you can't really control (just like real life) the way your PC approaches these scenarios is entirely up to you, but also driven by the characters pre-existing personality.
          Few games have the attention to character devolopment that Tell Tale does and personally I'm happy to play as Clem, it gives me the chance to look at the world from a different perspective than an adult male, which I am.
          The options available to Lee and Clementine are different enough to make an interesting contrast for me, as my Clem is now forced to take responsibility for her own safety, and attempt to use what Lee has taught her to survive. Whether she does or not, she's done amazing to get this far.
          I don't know why anyone would have a problem with more interesting characters in gaming, except younger players who aren't looking for or sometimes capable of understanding more complex narratives.

  • Clementine f***ing rocks!

  • I'm a 32 year old Native American male that doesn't care who the playable character in a game is as long as the character is interesting and the game is fun. And I personally think that playing as Clem will add a unique experience to an already unique game.

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