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Poker Night at the Inventory not working for Mac Users

posted by Yanoblamo on - Viewed by 7K users

I just recently purchased both Poker Night games. I enjoy the 2nd one, but I am quite disappointed with the fact that the first one doesn't run on the Mac, and after all this time, Telltale has done nothing to rectify this. Now granted, if the game was Windows only and I had purchased it, then that is my own stupidity, but on Steam, the game is marketed towards Mac users, and thus I believe the users who have purchased the game are entitled to a product for which they paid. From what I have seen from posted tickets, telling people to go get refunds is not the way going about getting customer support with future games. Anyway, I hope Telltale games investigates the problem and releases a well needed update in the not to distant future as I look forward in playing what I believe to be a great quality game.

Thank you


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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      We have seen this issue arise on newer hardware, and unfortunately have not announced plans to update this particular game at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

      • Well than can you please tell me how to get my money back because
        if it doesn't work than i paid for nothing
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          TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
          If you purchased the game through Steam, please contact Steam Support for any inquiries regarding refunds, or refund requests.
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          • This is clearly a runaround. Steam does not offer refunds, and anyone inquiring about refunds is directed to contact the game's publisher. This is Telltale's responsibility. You advertise and sell the game[0] as requiring "Mac OS X 10.5 or newer", an "Intel Core 2 Duo processor", "1GB RAM", etc, and my system meets and exceeds all of these requirements. My MBP is the model from mid-2009, the year before the game was released, so "we have seen this issue arise on newer hardware" obviously doesn't apply.

            There is a more-than-1-year-old thread[1] on the Steam support forums with 426 dissatisfied customers, all with this exact same issue, without a single successful resolution in sight. Telltale either needs to patch the game to work, revise your advertising to reflect the "maximum" system requirements that are apparently implicated in this crash and refund customers who paid you in response to this deceptive advertising, or consider the reputational and possibly legal risks of being assholes who knowingly sell a defective product.

          • Telltale games are my favourite, especially the monkey island series,, i had the original poker game and had to buy this 2nd one as it works on mac,, but it doesn't, it runs through the intro, even gives you the tips on how to play texas hold em,,, then you click done, it crashes out of the game.

            i agree with adamlouis, if you know it doesn't work on mac, why are you letting us buy it?

      • how is this in anyway a proper answer from a member of staff.

        you are selling this game via steam, your site, and humble bundle store all advertising it to work on x hardware or better, yet you are acknowledging this is incorrect.

        i am very unsatisfied with my purchase of this game, which i bought because pokernight 2 amused me. i am not not willing to chance any other tell tale games when i see that you don't actually support the games.
      • oh i see how it is, not updating because you want more suckers to waste money on this crap, well i want a refund, and i know this isn't the place to do that soooooo cya?

      • It is not difficult to send out an update fixing the game for new hardware versions. The fact that you are not attempting to fix this is basically telling anyone who buys the game from here on out that they will not be allowed to play it at all. I have never heard of a company that doesn't make an effort to fix a broken product. It is disappointing to see in a company that I have loved for many years.

      • This is a reason I am reluctant to purchase new games from Telltale Games. I am not familiar with the implementation, but as a software developer, it is hard to imagine the cost of fixing this outweighs the cost of lost trust, goodwill, and sales.

        Yes, Poker Night is a cheap, silly game, but it is at the very least an advertisement for the quality and charm of Telltale games and should be given more respect. Currently, it advertises Telltale's neglect of a for-sale game and a willful disregard of its customers.

        I am interested in your new Borderlands Series and in the Walking Dead: Season 2, but how can I feel comfortable handing you more of my hard-earned money?

        UPDATE: I see that the store page on Steam now shows "Not Compatible with Mac OS 10.8.x and above", but I do not believe it was always so and do believe your customers deserve better.

      • It must be an easy fix, just a software problem, or wrong file type. Why is it taking so long to fix?

  • can you guys fix this huge crash already

  • Wait a sec. You mean it hasn't been working for a long time? I freaking just bought it and found out it didn't work. Dammit I want my 5 bucks back

  • YES this is getting seriously annoying. this glitch has been out for more than a year and still: NO PATCH OR UPDATE?! this is ridiculous.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately as stated on the Store page for the game on the Steam Client:

    Mac OS X 10.5 or newer (Not Compatible with Mac OS 10.8.x and above)

    For any inquiries regarding refunds, or refund requests, please contact Steam Support for further assistance.

    • Can you please update it to Mac Yosemite, it will probably not take long, but this just shows you are a lazy game company that won't update crap. You guys are bad if you don't update it.

      • From the gameplay and the looks of it, Poker night at the inventory sounds like a great game, though as soon as I bought I was **Unable* to play the game.I have a macbook and it is updated to Yosemite, I saw that it is not compatible with Mac OS 10.8x and above, but honestly I am unable to understand how this is not updated to things like 10.10.1 yet, I think Mac OS 10.8.x is pretty old, and I am sure that a lot of players need/want to update their computers. And also the fact that this problem has been going on for more than a year is really sad. If I bought a game, I would want it to be decent or at least *Have it work like it is supposed to. I hope this problem is fixed.

  • Yea, I spent 5 dollars for this gave and i can't even play on Mac (Thats the only computer I have) and i really want to play

  • I agree to all of your comments. I have contacted the company, but all they did was the usual "sorry for the inconvenience" runaround. This problem is a big kick in the teeth me and my fellow mac users, who wasted five dollars on a game that was long since abandoned by it's neglecting
    owner. I want a refund, and all of the TF2 items that come in-game. I understand that you guys at Telltale may never read this comment, but my fellow mac users, BOYCOTT THIS COMPANY!

  • yeah same for me and i started a petition so TTG would fix it.

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