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Mac ps3 controller support

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this game really needs a ps3 controller support for mac. Unlike TWD, this game is hardly playable with keyboard and mouse. are there any plans for adding support in future updates?

ps3 controller is working in game but the button configuration is wrong, for example L3 works as B and "select" works as A. it is just a simple matter of remapping the keys in the mac version.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    We do not officially support any gamepads for mac, however it is possible to use a third-party driver that will allow a gamepad to work on a mac, but we cannot guarantee that it will work.

  • What if i just need to disable the game from thinking my controller is on. That way I can key map. Anyway to do this. Thanks

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      Unfortunately, because we do not officially support gamepads for Mac, I do not believe there is a feature to disable the game from seeing your controller. You may, however, be able to map your keys before launching the game, and then launch the game using a third-party software.

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