Since You're Bigby, Tell Me...

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In all honesty my friends, in this story so far who would you love to unleash that beautifully dangerous big bad wolf upon? Me personally, it would not be a surprise at all. I want so bad to get my hands on Ichibod and give him a hug he'll never forget. Maybe it is because I hate snobby snooty people. Or it might be because he thinks that he is untouchable. I want to prove him wrong! But that's just me. Tell me how you all feel about the subject. All answers are welcomed. Would you like to feed Toad the ham bones at the ends of your wrists for being a big liar? Maybe you'd like to give Snow a once over for being a goody-two-shoes. I look forward to seeing the responses.


  • Never read the comics. So I didn't think Bigby was that intense. I made him a generally nice guy who can have a bit of a temper.

  • I can only think of one:

    The bastard that decapitated Faith and Snow.

    Normally I wouldn't want Bigby to harm anyone more than necessary in his wolf form, but the killer? My Bigby's going to go feral on his ass if given half a chance.

  • I want to battle Beast which thankfully is coming up in the next episode. Beast's transformation is limited by how angry Beauty is at him, so Bigby will have to push that much harder to win. I may kill if given the chance, despite sparing Gren's arm in episode 1.

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