Black Screen Problem

i just bought walking dead from telltale games website today not from steam . and when i finished download the games which is 463mb from my games library . after i installed it , i start playing it just black screen . =.=" . i thought it was some file crash during download process , so i redownload it . but same problem , still black screen , and i never saw any game menu and hear any game sound .
I saw the technical pages , and this is the TWD_support_data_pc file i upload

need some help >.<
i already pre-order walking dead 2 too , doesnt hope it will end up the same things comes to me too


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    If you have not run it before, the game silently downloads about 40MB of updates at the beginning, which can take a few minutes. I can see unfinished files in the games temp folder in your case, so waiting a bit for it to finish should work.

  • well i solve the problem myself . i right click and click troubleshooting option . then check the conpatibility . and it solve it says it does compatible to windows xp sp2 =.=" while im using windows 7 right now . so i click start with compatible setting , and load the games perfectly . hmm , it only start download the files when i saw the walking dead title pop out >.< anyway thanks for respond to my question. just finish episode 1 and alot hard choice moment to make though >.<

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