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Game is better than the show

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This is my opinion, I have no right to force it upon you, you do what yer wanna do :P

Okay, I loved this game (I'm not going to go into it...again)

But the show...

Season one was great, but as they progress, it gets more and*t. Season 3 was dreadful. Just massive drama with zombies coming out of no-where. Not even any tension anymore. The story seems to be revolving around the governer, a crappy protagonist. I really feel like the show has run its course, but like almost every other good show, they try and keep it alive and fail miserably. This is the same as season 4 aswell. No ground is being covered, it's the same thing over and over and over and over and over and ove - You get my point.

What do you think of the show?

Some people might think that I have the... "Skyrim is crap because Morrowind is good" mentality, I am many things, but I am not Biased.

  • Maybe it has its up´s and down´s but everything has. I like the Game and the TV Show equally.

  • I don't hate-watch the show like I did with latter-day Dexter--it's nowhere near that bad--but it's often a mixed experience and I find it more or less getting progressively uninteresting (although so far it seems like the second half of S3 remains the show's absolute nadir. As redundant as the last few episodes of S4 have been, the new season is on a relative upswing in the writing. I mean, Jesus, what could be more pointless and frustrating than Andrea in S3?). I know it's a different animal, but the TTG game... if the show could make me respect and care about the characters and the dangers they get into half as much as the game (even 400 Days alone), I'd have a much higher opinion of it.

  • Season 4 has been great this year, The end of season 3 kind of ruined peoples opinions however I really liked this season; the new showrunner finally seems to get the walking dead so it feels more action packed than season 2 and more character driven than season 3.

    • People just hated the ending of season 3 because they were expecting something they didnt get which I understand. That can be disappointing. I still very much enjoyed season 3 but I agree with you about Scott Gimple. I think he is really steering the show in the right direction, striking a good balance between action, horror and drama that the show is known for.

  • I'm a fan of all three. Love the comic, the show, and the game.

  • Personally I like the game more than the show. When a character I like in the show dies, I'm pissed off. The game has actually made me cry. A lot of the reason why the game feels more immersive is because you are part of what goes on, but both are good.

    Also, the show is much better this year than last year.

  • You're entitled to your opinion of course but I disagree with everything you said. I love the show and think its gets better every season. The last episode had me a wreck, it was phenomenal. I just dont understand why people keep coming here to bash the show as if they were in competition with each other.

  • there doing a good job with show. They follow the comics pretty close WHILE spicing things up and making there own twists. If you read the comics and you are a true walking dead fan you like the show and the game equally.

  • I really like the game simply because You can take part in the events that are happening and make your own decisions to influence the game and what's going to happen next which creates a really unique experience. Where as in the TV show you are just an observer

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