Sneak peek at The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: 'Smoke & Mirrors'

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With this week's launch of The Wolf Among Us on iOS, everyone here at the office has been incredibly excited by the response to our series from fans new and old alike. We know many of you are anxious to see where Bigby's story goes next, and the dev team is hard at work finalizing our live development process on the upcoming episode, Smoke & Mirrors. At Telltale, we always aim to deliver quality content across the season at a pace that will keep you glued to your screen and talking about 'your story' as the season progresses. With the second chapter now close to completion, we wanted to share two new screens from the episode to give you a sneak peek at what will be happening next in Fabletown...

First up is a brand-new reveal of a character that FABLES fans will definitely recognize – the one and only 'Jack' of beanstalk fame. A sharp-tongued rogue who's been a staple character in the FABLES series since issue one, Jack has even been honored with his very own spinoff comic series, Jack of FABLES.

Jack of FABLES

We also have a peek at the seedy underground club exclusively for Fables, known as the 'Pudding & Pie.' Doesn't look like the gentleman in the chair is particularly happy to see Bigby and his 'friend,' but it's probably safe to say that Bigby isn't very happy either...

Pudding and Pie

We wanted to thank everyone for playing the first chapter in The Wolf Among Us, and ask for your patience as the team works very hard this month to finalize what is shaping up to be another episode full of surprises. We're anticipating another update on its ETA for release very soon after the holidays, and we couldn't be more excited to continue this series with all of you.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen, and if you're also a fan of The Walking Dead, definitely check back for news on the Season Two premiere, set to arrive later THIS MONTH on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac, and iOS!



  • An ETA update AFTER the holidays? Oh come on, you have got to be joking. I guess you guys shouldn't have tried to tackle two games at once. Cpt. Hindsight away!

  • 3 months are a too big gap between episodes. I was expecting end of november or the beginning of december, but january? Really? Don't do two parallel releases, if you can't handle the amount of work. I really hope the gaps will be much shorter next year. For now I just feel disappointed. :(

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    This is a VERY delayed release. Since I doubt Telltale was planning on releasing episodes 3 months apart, I'm curious if this delay was due to a particular problem that popped up or if this was just poor planning in general.

    And is this a one time thing or should we expect similarly long waits between release dates for the following episodes?

  • Telltale obviously doesn't have the infrastructure or the planning in place to deal with two high-profile projects like this. And the marketing and PR departments need a bit of a lesson in building hype around games because their approach with TWD2 and TWAU so far has been a mess.

    Great games, but you need to get your act together.

  • Their poor scheduling and planning is frustrating, but that doesn't justify stealing their work. People worked long hours to make those games and they didn't work for free.

  • Same for me. I worked too in order to earn money. Money that I spent before buying a product that was suppose to de delivered in monthly bases (Walking dead). But they didnt. And they never give you explanations for the delays. They sell you something they dont deliver. Anyway I will buy the game when is fully releases, with all the episodes.

    Again, if you sell a product and you sell it under the bases of delivering an episode every month, you gotta fulfil that. You cant just keep people waiting for three months. And this is not the first time they do it, thats why Im happy that I didnt buy the game this time.

  • disapointed that we have to wait 3 months for episode two

  • By now all of the fables have been murdered...

  • Ugh, what's with that weird entitlement attitude of pirates these days ?

    In the past pirates at least weren't proud of their thievery. You have a choice to not buy the product -stealing it on top of that makes you a big fat hypocrite.

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    Why so long??? It's really difficult to wait Ep.2. So many questions on the plot... Waiting breaks my heart :(

  • So,we waited nearly two months for two screenshots,a new character.I tought we get a release date or something.Dont misunderstand it,i can wait,but its so frustrating that after two months silence Telltale tries to calm us with tis "there will be an update of this update after the holidays, anyway buy the walking dead so you can wait more" crap.Looks like i have to keep reading the Fables comics because i dont want to forget Bigby.

  • Looks good, should release TWAU soon though, its almost two months and not releasing it soon will break the terms and conditions. Looks like Bigby is going to knock the shit outta the pimp though, I was actually surprised that Telltale made actual naked stripper models, I didn't think they would do that lol. You've got the girl on the pole in the back and at the end of E1 you see a girl behind the pimp. Something tells me there will be another love scene just like in S1 of TWD. Instead of a kiss from E3 Telltale might higher the score by showing boobs in a love scene hah lol. But Snow and that prossy is dead so I have literally no idea who they would add, I wonder who Dave Fennoy is voicing too.

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    Snow will return somehow,the game is before the Fables comics and snow is one of the most important characters in it.

  • Snow is dead. She died in first episode.

  • Can I play The Walking Dead Season 2 now?

  • I know i played the first episode too,but the game is before the comics,and if you read the comics you can see that snow lives,so she must return somehow.

  • We all know that. I also know that Snow will be alive before the game ends.

  • i was expecting a release date at least .. but the great news r 2 screenshots ?? c'moon .. im really disappointed :/

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    Your rationalizations are ridiculous. You obviously enjoyed Walking Dead season one enough to justify your pirating of TWAU. Perhaps you should be a man and pay for the things you are using instead of stealing quality product that is well worth your money, despite the slow shipping schedule. The fact is you're having your cake and eating it too, playing the game inside of the release windows for free, but then waiting for the season to finish (when it will probably become cheaper to buy) if you bother purchasing at all. Your admission of piracy denies you all right to complain.

    P.S. You're a scumbag.

  • uhh, i think i'll be back around this time next year.

  • Why can't we all be happy there releasing things...

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    Well, I hope Telltale will at least realize they have to improve their PR skills. Can't see any satisfied customer after this update...

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    This is disappointing. I wish Telltale would communicate things better. I'm sure this wasn't planned and there is good reason for the delay, but waiting 7 weeks just to tell us it's going to be nearly 3 months, maybe more, between episodes is a bit much. Is the whole season going to be this way? I don't want to play it episodically as they release if it is. I'd like to know this so I can plan my playing accordingly. I don't want the product rushed. If it takes more time to make it great, so be it. I just want to know.

    I already own the thing. I just want to maximize my enjoyment of it.

  • Because they aren't releasing the thing.

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    People love the game, but it's not unreasonable to expect more information on release dates. Telltale makes engrossing, brilliant games that are like interactive TV shows: if you bought a season pass to a show on iTunes and had to wait three months to watch the next episode, would you be happy? It disrupts the narrative and the enjoyment of playing.

  • At least their taking there time!

  • As I feared. Telltale can't run two games simultaneously.

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    You think releasing NOTHING = releasing things... :|

  • Look they understand that 3 months it too big, and it is. But being sad or mad at TTG isn't going to change anything. They are probably fixing bugs and frame rate issues. And they releasing two screenshots that's not nothing
    Let's just hope the gaps don't get bigger and shrink to 2 months.

  • Do they understand though? TTG almost certainly took people off TWAU in order to get TWD polished and out in time for Christmas, at the cost of delaying episode 2 of TWAU. If there's no reaction from the community, then TTG will believe that they can take on more projects and increase the gaps between episodes without any backlash. When a game can go through two sales before the 2nd episode is even released, is there really very much to be gained from buying the game at launch?

    And no-one here paid for screenshots, so in the context of the season pass, that is nothing.

  • Disappointed that you charged for the entire series up front and then did not hold to TWDs release schedule. I would not have purchased immediately if I had known that there would not be a new episode each month.

  • And this is why I don't buy season passes.

    AFTER the holidays? You tell us a new episode will be out every four-six weeks and then you tell us it won't be released till AFTER the holidays?

    Really, Telltale?

    I say this with all due respect: you really need to work on your PR and your marketing.

  • Snow is alive, they aren't going to kill a major character like that. Also if you went back to the magic mirror when you found out Faith's name you'd see that her location was obscured from it, so I suspect she's not dead either and there's some magical trickery going on to prevent her location from being divined.

  • Oh well, at least TWD is coming out soon. People need to stop complaining and think. It could be delayed for a number of reasons.

  • I really hope this statement was written early last week and just didn't get posted until today. If this is supposed to get us to calm down and wait another 3+ weeks for the release this will probably change how I approach purchasing Telltale games. 11+ weeks between releases is inexcusable. If things follow this pattern that's 55 weeks for the whole game. Over a year. A baby can be conceived and born in that time frame. I guess Fables have a longer gestation period.

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    People aren't complaining about the fact that it's delayed. I can handle the fact it's delayed, if they were upfront and honest about why it's delayed (glitches, reshooting dialogue, etc.) People are complaining about the vagueness, the "coming soons", the game not being delivered as promised. A valid complaint, especially since we're the ones paying for it, quite literally, with our money and our wasted time of waiting for screen shots.

    I'm not paying for screen shots. I'm paying for a game.

    As of yet, I have nothing.

  • The sad thing is just that we weren't told that we would have to wait for so long. When stretched, anticipation will turn into disappointment. I have been like "the announcement will come any moment now, patience" for over a month now. Little did I know that there would be no details whatsoever on anything regarding TWAU.

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