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Are Telltale aiming to release episode of TWAU every three months now?

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I saw that the next update we will get on episode 2 will be after Christmas, so this means that we will have waited about 3 months, or 12 weeks, for episode 2.

Release gaps have varied, but I'm not sure they've usually been as long as 12 weeks (which is twice as long as the old suggested period in the FAQ, which drew on past experience).

So, I would like to know if this 'one every three months' thing is going to be the case for each episode, because I was planning on selling my xbox for money to buy a next gen console next Christmas, but if episodes are released every three months then I won't necessarily be able to do that without losing my saves, and season pass.


  • Why can't they just release the episode already. It feels like I have been waiting forever.......

    • They are working on the release on a different game.. after that's done and released they'll start to talk about wolf.

      • Exactly.. Not professional enough to handle 2 releases.. Let alone keeping us informed about anything.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          This isn't entirely Telltale's fault. They do have a general idea of when they can release an episode, but with their newer releases, they choose to release their episodes simultaneously on PC/Mac/Xbox 360/PS3 as close as they can. This means that they have to send an episode off for approval for console releases, which places the release date somewhat out of Telltale's control.

          • Your kind of proving my point. As if they would not be able to think of all this.. Perhaps they could have tried releasing TWAU earlier then they did, or vise versa, as to avoid this.. Or start work on multiple episodes, as to get ahead of the curve.. Prior to releasing the first.. Allowing for changes by posting poles to that effect as to grant an idea of direction.. You don't see big game release companies having trouble releasing lots of titles at once, or close together in the grand scheme of it.. I mean.. They made a lot of money from TWD release, so it isn't like they can't afford to hire enough people if the ones they have are not capable enough. And it costs NOTHING to keep the people who pay their salary informed.. Namely the customers. It is called respect.. Telltale doesn't respect us at all! Period!

            3+ months is not acceptable for 3 hrs of play. That is if they even release early January which is unlikely at this point.

            But there is NO excuse for the way they have treated customers. For that is not only unprofessional, that is rude!

            I mean.. A lot of time has passed between season one of TWD and now.. Granted I understand they need to negotiate with the owners of the comic series or w/e, but still.. Not word one outside of the same line they have been feeding us 3 times over. As if 2 screens mean something.. Ugh..

            • And it wasn't like there was not a bases for assuming 1.5-2 months between releases.. Allowing your customers to believe something without correcting them is shady at best.

              They would gain some respect if they would just admit they effed up, and say they will do better next time. And apologize to the customers for their lack of respect.

              It might keep people from thinking about refunds, and travel some towards gaining their faith back.

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              Blind Sniper Moderator

              They have different teams on each game/season if I recall correctly.

              As for working on multiple episodes ahead of time, they already do that to an extent. I recall hearing that while working on a game, Telltale splits different parts of their team onto different episodes (like having writers work on episode 2 while programming episode 1 for example). However, a part of what Telltale always mentions they like about the episodic schedule is that it allows them to take "live feedback" from players and incorporate said feedback into future episodes. If they worked ahead further, they would lose several positive aspects such as taking player feedback into future episodes.

              • The thing is.. They can work farther ahead without that being a problem, they already have an idea as to the storyline they hope to tell.. If they finish 100% of the episodes and post poles as to control somewhat the alterations that need doing.. By asking customers their opinion on these areas.. They can create scenes that go both ways.. Or at least leave room in the game for something else to take its place. That makes majority of the work far ahead of the demand curve at the very least.. Even if they wanted to make changes based on customer comments with an already completed product.. They could still do that.. As they would have to do that anyhow, even without anything being completed ahead of time.. Just with it having being completed, there is less work to be done DURING the release period.. And the poles themselves would get them involved in the community, thus granting the customer the idea that their opinions matter.. Engaging the staff, and talking amongst ideas. It would show support to the community, and grant a stable basis for which they could release episodes absent any delays. if only 20% of the game is changed from customer input.. and the episode is 100% completed.. that is only 20% they need to change.. Instead of working on the 100% while making changes on top of that, thus causing delays if bugs come up, etc.. They can still release in episodic format, and make changes voiced from the community, and do all they want to do, and have done.. Just having majority of the work already completed prior to the first episodes release allows for no delays if problems arise. I'll say again.. poles makes for a good idea if they ask customers, do you like it this way or that, or is this a good idea.. It engages the community as stated. And they could even release DLC at a later time which could bring about a different turn of events, based on what they had before any changes were made from customer comments. So in essence they could make even more money by doing so. Customers wouldn't be as angry, that is for sure.

                You may argue towards what they have been doing. but it is abundantly apparent, that this is not working, and people are not happy. Be it with the products release, or customer appreciation. Changes need to be made. Or we wouldn't be having this conversation, nor would many others.

      • But I thought that they had separate teams working on each game ? They could have released TWAU in the beginning of this month and TWD later on christmas. Or even better,they should have released it in the end of November.It seems like they are going to release an episode of TWAU and then the other month one of TWD until both games are entirely released.I had hoped that we would be getting an episode from each game per month.Maybe I was too optimistic.

  • Three months is way too long. I just hope it's not 4 or 5 months. I'll be demanding a refund at that point, as will everyone else I'm sure. Episodes 3 through 5 should arrive within a month (or less) of each other to make up for this I think.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    There is no formal schedule, but I'm preeeeety sure this is an exception rather than the rule. An unofficial but fairly safe rule of thumb to stick with for a typical Telltale game is to expect a new episode every month (or month and a half), although this is not always the case. Don't worry, chances are very low that you will have to wait this long for each episode.

    If it alleviates any worries, Walking Dead Season 1 had a similar situation where the wait for Episode 2 was long, but the rest of the episodes were delivered in a more timely and consistent manner.

  • You have to factor in the fact that:

    A: It's the holidays and that's always messing up ideal release schedules (what if workers needing time off for their families or some such nonsense :D)

    B: The walking dead season 2 is the much more higher profile release that they're probably diverting some resources to so that it gets a great start that'll entice customers to buy a season pass.

    C: The ios version of Wolf Among Us recently came out so maybe working on that version of the game caused some initial issues at the start.

    This doesn't excuse the annoyingly long wait period but if you look at their history this isn't a new thing.

    As I've said before, if they eventually finished Jurassic Park (a game that surely no one really loved that much) they'll complete Wolf in due course. We all just have to grit our teeth and be patient I suppose.

  • You have to take into account that TTG doesn't have a massive team like a lot of triple-A companies.Now they're working on this, the new TWD season coming this month, and concept for other properties they haven't announced yet. The second episode for most of their games don't come out for a initial month plus release. They are still working out the kinks and trying to give us a GOTY experience. If you can honestly think you can do a better job then see the work it takes to get this kind of crap together. I can understand it's because you're a fan and can't wait, but it's not any short undertaking. Plenty of other titles out there to try while you await the next episode.

  • 1st Episode: 2013.

    2nd Episode: 2014.

    3rd Episode....2015???

    Well... that's "periodically" correct!

  • I just finished episode 1 and i totally loved, but isn't there like the slightest hint on when we can expect episode 2? I've looked on the telltale site, but i haven't got any clue when they'll release another episode.

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