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Fables the comic.

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Hey everyone. I'm new to this site, you guys can call me Jeff or NiteFox.

So, I bought the game on launch date and Luke the Walking dead, I was amazed. I even like it better than Walking Dead, it's alot darker and more mature. I love the game so much already that I did a little research and learned that it's based on a comic book, like the Walking Dead.

More to the point now, I bought the first two Deluxe editions of the comics. How many are there? Also, there are more comic spin offs I read about, how many of those are there? I can't wait to complete the whole set and read the rest of the story. I really hope Telltale releases a collectors edition for this game like they did with The Walking Dead.

  • Haha, I'm in the same boat as you! I discovered The Walking Dead via the video game, and the same goes for Fables. My interest in The Walking Dead led me to a website called Comixology (after grabbing and pouring through the first two compendiums on Amazon), where I'm now fully caught up on TWD and read it every month. After The Wolf Among Us came out, it sparked a similar interest in Fables so I dug in. I have to agree that--both in the comics and the game--I am enjoying Fables a bit more. There's just a bit more substance to it. Specifically referring to the comics, I love that the writer is constantly wrapping up and starting new story arcs. Each volume in the series is practically self-contained.

    There are a whopping 135 issues of Fables, with the most recent having been released just last month. This has so far been compiled into 18 volumes, and has also birthed 2 completely separate but full-length graphic novels, an encyclopedia, and at least two full-fledged spinoffs.

    I'm currently through issue 41, and cannot stop reading it! If you haven't already, I would definitely suggest getting into Comixology--aside from the instant gratification, you can read all the comics on your phone!

  • You bought two volumes sight unseen? Youve really committed! As a longtime reader of the comic though, I think you will be pleased.

  • Hi there. I noticed that you also asked about the spin-offs. I came across this link recently that does a decent job of guiding a new Fables reader in terms of when to start which spin-offs. I did a few things differently when I was reading them, but I think the writer gives some good suggestions if you want to avoid spoilers and want everything in all of the other series to make sense. Anyway, here you go.

    It's a great series. Happy reading. :)

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