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A few problems with Telltale..

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This game roughly takes a total of 10 hours to beat, so that would be about 2 hours per episode. Let's say there'll be a range of 6-8 wks of wait between each episode. (Don't even try to tell me it'll be 4-6) Then you will have to wait possibly half a YEAR or a little more than that to play a game that takes 10 hours to beat. For those that have trouble imagining, for me it's gonna go something like this when episode 2 comes out. "OMG Yes it's finally here!! 3 months waiting FINALLY paid off!! (2 hours later) Welp, that was pretty good, time to wait another 2 months for episode 3.

I would not have such a huge problem with this if I had NOT bought a SEASON PASS.. I mean seriously.. when you buy a season pass, isn't the first thing that comes to mind something along the lines of "Oh a season pass, COOL. I wonder what BENEFITS are gonna come with this SEASON PASS I just bought." So far the only benefit I've gotten is a rash on my ass from sitting too long in my computer chair, looking for any info on the game. (Obviously exaggerating.) But my point is that you don't go selling SEASON PASSES for something you can't even enjoy about 6 months or more after you've purchase it. Yes, It was my decision buying it in the first place. Regardless, I feel a little suckered on this deal.

On top of all of this, I have another problem with Telltale that even EXCEEDS the above. WHY DON'T YOU TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS?! Although it wouldn't take away the problem completely, I swear, If Telltale told us WHY there was a delay, or at least gave us a SMALL apology, a few threads relative to this topic may not have been even made. The fact that they don't say anything AT ALL just tells me that they don't give a shit, and are neglecting us. I may be, and probably am wrong about that, but weeks of silence makes it seem that way. Seriously I don't even care what it is: Were there difficulties? Did you just wanna take some time off?? Just communicate A LITTLE.

To try not make this thread completely negative, (if I've even made that possible now) I would like to conclude by saying that I love almost everything about this game so far. I had never read any of the comics, so I am just awed by the idea of a mature, gritty setting of a community of fairy tales living amongst normal human beings. You instantly fall for the characters, (good or bad) the gameplay is great, and I will sacrifice a number of extra thumbs down for saying that this game will be better than the walking dead series; that is if the episodes deliver like the first one did. Just my opinion of course that some would probably debate against.

So being the caliber game that this is, or could be, I hope Telltale takes a little more seriously AT LEAST communication with their customers; whom which have HIGH demand for this game. I'll concede that I MIGHT be a little impatient as far as wait time between episodes, and the season pass thing is over and done with, so I won't cry about it anymore, but a simple "It's gonna be a little longer and we're sorry about that.", or ANYTHING relative to that statement would make me, and probably a few others significantly less frustrated.

  • I agree with you sir. And no.. You are not being impatient. It is indeed frustrating.. I understand how you feel, as do the majority from what I have read, not just on here.. Telltale's Facebook, etc.. It is full of anger at the lack of communication, the lack of professionalism, the lack of a game, haha.. Even the lack of gameplay time, which wouldn't be as bad if the release dates were short and sweet absent vague promises of an ETA over and over again.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I agree with most of these statements, but still say this is to be discussed in the release date thread. We have threads like this popping up all over the place, and it keeps people from discussing the game.

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