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so out of interest, who discovered the amazing comic through this game?

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I'd heard of fables only once before this game was announced and that was shortly after that once upon a time started airing. The idea of the comic never appealed to me at the point. Shortly after wolf among us dropped, a grabbed some trades of Fables and I was blown away by how beautiful, funny and imaginative the comic series is. I'm up to about issue 35 of the comic and I'm deliberately pacing myself with the comic as each episode is released but if nothing else I thank telltale for bringing this amazing comic book series to my and I'm sure lots of other people's attention. Is anyone else in the same boat with discovering and loving fables through this game?

  • I had only saw the comic in the shops before. Looked it up too, but it sounded way too boring. Reimagining fable characters in our world? Couldn't think of a more boring premise. But then I gave the game a shot. Man, am I glad I was wrong. Now I'm just waiting 'til the last WAU episode comes out so I can start reading the comic.

  • I did!As soon as I completed the first episode I found that I was really interested in this universe and I started reading the first issues.I'm usually not a comic book reader but these got me caught up right after reading the first few issues.I love the characters,the stories.It's very well told and I can't wait for the next one to be released at the end of this month.Also,reading them now enables me to understand the characters that appear on the game better and to understand some references made to the comics in the game.And there are no spoilers because the game is a prequel.Now that I have finished reading all the Fables comic books I am now reading Fairest.

  • Thinking about it. Thing is that there are so many Trades out there. Of Course i would start with the First but just wonder are there finished Stories in the Trades? Without Cliffhanger or so? Would make it a lot easier for the Start.

    • Fables seems to have an overarching narrative that builds over time but most if not all of the trades have one or more arcs that largely have a set beginning middle and end in them. As long as you read from trade 1 onward you'll experience a lot of stories with really different approaches and hardly any real cliffhanger endings.

  • I really want to get into the comics, is there any easy way to access them in the uk or online?

  • As soon as WD episode 5 ended in November last year, I picked up a few trades of Fables for TWAU. I really got into it, enough that I got more excited for TWAU episodes than TWD ones.

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    I starting reading a few trades because of the game. I think I got to the conclusion of "March of the Wooden Soldiers."

    • As an aside, am I the only one who thought that march of the wooden soldiers was totally amazing? Like jaw droppingly awesome and hilarious and action packed? It feels like the first few trades all lead up to the brilliance of march. I can see why that story arc got a few eisner awards for it's brilliance.

  • Read it before it was released and glad its getting more press because of this.

  • Haven't read them, but have been interested in checking it out. Anyone recommend them? Are they as interesting as TWAU?

    • If you enjoy the feel of the world and characters from TWAU then I'd highly recommend them because aside from being creative they're actually really well written and beautifully drawn. You should be warned that flicking through a few pages of the first trade will spoil one major thing at the end of episode 1 but it also raises a whole heap of other questions about what they'll do next in TWAU.

  • I'm on issue 51 and I ain't gonna stop !

  • I'll probably end up reading the comic after all episodes of TWAU are released. I've already been spoiled on one rather big point regarding Snow White, so not really eager to be spoiled on more than that.

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