My thoughts on TWaU Ep 1 Faith

Well after playing and finishing Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us, I thought I'd give my thoughts as a fan of both TTG's old games and TWD.

First of all, I like the new direction of the story. To be honest, as with TWD and JP The Game, The Wolf Among Us is the first time I have seen anything of Fables but after playing this, I was honestly surprised on how fast I started enjoying the characters. I like the way both Bigby,Snow,Toad, and other characters are shown with my favourite characters being Bigby and Snow.

I also liked how the game changed up characters like The Woodsman being a villain who was made a hero by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But by far in my opinion, the character who was done the best was Bigby. He's tough and rough when it comes to his job but you can tell that since he's gotten a second chance in Fabletown and wants to be a different person. He wants to make up for what happened in the fairytales and just wants to move on. Unfortunately some people treat him nicely and know he's different while others treat him like crap and believe him to still be the big bad wolf.

I also liked the gameplay more than Walking Dead. Unlike TWD, its less QTE's but instead more exploring, talking things out, calling people out on lies, and choices and I really liked this. I thought it fitted the story while TWD was more action packed.

The best moment in my opinion was a tie between two parts. 1.When you had to go to Toad's house and get him to admit the truth by calling out his lies and 2.When Bigby arrives home and talks with Colin and the events after it.

So in my opinion I think the game is an improvement over TWD. While I don't think its TTG's best game (Which in my opinion would ether be Tales of Monkey Island, or Sam & Max Season 3) I still think it is a great game so far and I can't wait for Episode 2.

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