Will season 2 come to ps4?

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Sorry meant post this in WD section but i guess same thing with the wolf among us are they planning to put it on ps4 they put it on every possible device usually why are they not expanding to next gen?

Im wondering if there is a chance i really or are they not putting it on ps4 because you need s1 to play?


  • I don't understand why you keep playing Telltale games on consoles. You guys must really like the freeze screen and the other bugs on the consoles.

  • Maybe because some people aren't used to Computer controls, or like me, prefer games on game consoles not computers. I don't like using a mouse and keys. I prefer a controller. And the bugs don't happen that often.

  • You must really think you're superior on pc...

  • Since Telltale is barely even through Season 1, I think it's a bit early to talk about Season 2.

    As for PS4, Telltale has expressed interest with bringing games onto PS4 and Xbox One in the past.

    I'm going to close this since there isn't a lot to discuss right now.

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