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Character reaction notifications

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This is my first time posting so here we go!

In The Walking Dead Season 1, we where able to disable character reaction notifications such as "Clementine will remember that", but in The Wolf Among Us there was no such choice in the options.
It kind of takes me out of the immersion (just a little bit) when these notifications pop up, I don't need the game to tell me how a character reacts when I can see the look on their face and I don't need to know that a character will remember something, when they are gonna throw it in my face later in the season.

I sure hope Telltale can fix this and give us the option to choose if we want these notifications. It would only make sense since we could do that very thing in The Walking Dead.

  • Yeah, I hope they add that setting. I liked playing through TWD without knowing which decisions would have an impact.

  • This topic of discussion has been mentioned many times before, and while I agree it's annoying that we can't turn them off, there's no need for yet another thread talking about it.

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