Tales From The Borderlands revealed

Seems like they're teaming up with Gearbox for this upcoming title! What do you guys think?

Mod Edit: Here is the trailer for the game



  • Disappointed. I'm sorry to hate but I don't like this series, I won't be playing.

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    I guess they should focus on the walking dead and the wolf among us and finish them off before working on any other games .

  • I never completed the game but i'll only really care if it they make it at the same time of TWAU and TWD2 - that would annoy me so much

  • I am not happy with this at all.....

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    It looks awesome, here's the trailer from VGX.

  • personally I think that they need to focus on one (or two) games at a time. I think that by doing this project they will take too much time making multiple video games at once. Don't expect TWD S2 Ep. 2 too come out anytime soon if this game comes along in 2014.

  • I believe it said in 2014. Hopefully its after TWAU and TWD2 finish, but I will have to see more of this borderlands game to see if I will buy it.

  • I agree! Working simultaneously in two games is hard. They should focus on the TWD and TWAU first.

  • Well, if you think about it TWD and TWAU will probably end in Q3 of 2014 so this will take most of their time..

  • I guess They're turning into a company that just wants more money , which is really sad .

  • Hmm. The concept doesn't seem right to me, though I'll see what i think of it closer to release. Hopefully it won't interfere with TWD or TWAU.

  • Ugh gearbox = alien colonial marines. Fuck them.

  • Something came up to my mind, what if the episode 2 of TWD S2 will be delayed because of Borderlands game? They completely disregard their 4-6 weeks duration of releasing episodes. :P

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    It's got me more interested than Game of Thrones. -shrug-

    Ideally this thread should be in the Telltale Talk section, but I'm going to leave it here, in the more visible section, for a bit. Because really, the more people know about this the better.

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    Mr Darth, do you think making Borderlands game will hamper the release of two games? (TWD and TWAU)

  • Maybe that's why they don't say anything about release dates :D

  • Gearbox is a mixed bag. They failed with Aliens Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever but they also created the Half-Life expansions, Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and are responsible for the upcoming Homeworld re-releases. So it could go either way.

  • I'm not sure what to think yet.

    I know that Borderlands is meant to have its quirks with its random violence and pop culture references, but I didn't think the setting was ever one for very in-depth characterization.

  • Borderlands 1-2 = overrated as hell. Half-life expansions were good.

    Not my favorite game developer nor franchise but i liked this game's trailer we'll see.

  • and the more money you will get .

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    Don't think I didn't see you calling me Vain ;) And I think that's the first time anyone's called me "Mr Darth". Sounds so weird.

    Honestly, since the game's due out next year, probably not. Telltale does consist of several teams, so they CAN multi-task, and I'm guessing they'd be aiming for a mid-to-late 2014 release, so... yeah, I think they can pull this off.

    Hope they don't end up with a repeat of TWAU though. That's really not gone down well, and for good reason.

  • Well of course they do, they are a business but maybe they just like the idea of trying new things too. Borderlands is a first person shooter, right? Im not sure how that would work with their style but I'm interested to see it.

  • What do you mean not font down well? In release dates or game quality. Wolf had been getting great scores, but it has been months since its last episode.

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    "So many people are going to die."

    It was a winning formula for the walking dead. Who knows? Maybe it will work.

  • the same way twd/twau/bttf worked ?

    i suppose since borderlands has such great funny cutscenes this game will be like them but interactive..

    also why are people assuming ttg are going to do this as well as twd/twau ? SURELY they will wait till after these two are done ?

  • I guess they should focus on the walking dead and the wolf among us and finish them off before working on any other games .

    Before this is going anywhere - they've hardly done any work on the Borderlands game. This is in its very preliminary stages. And I'd rather guess "2014" means "late 2014". TWaU as well as TWD will likely be finished even before more significant info will be released. Thinking about the next step is very important in episodic gaming. They can't wait with this kind of announcement until mid next year, they HAVE to start the hype even though they haven't got much to show right now.

  • Release dates. It'll be around 3 months between Eps 1 & 2. People are not happy, and rightly so.

  • One of the things I've always loved about the Borderlands series is the characters, and hey - that's one of Telltale's specialities! So yeah, colour me interested for this.

    At the very least, it'll be a much more light-hearted effort than anything they've done for a good while. Yay for that!

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    HAHAHAHA! You got me there! :P Well mainly because Vain is always here. I'm reaaaally sorry! I know right, I feel for TWAU fans.. :(

    Your name sounds sooo star wars.. Darth Vader. just kidding :p

  • How would the shooting mechanism work? Ive only seen it in The Walking Dead and that was really basic. I played the first Borderlands and there's a lot of shooting in it. Thats what I mean.

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    Borderlands 1 and 2 were both a great game from a humor perspective imo, I like the humorous lore and story behind the borderlands universe. Some may say there is a lack of said story, but I disagree and consider it one of the better shooters. (I don't like shooters) So i'm looking forward to how this will play out. Catch A Ride?

  • I think this is great. Borderlands is a vibrant universe, and could make a great adventure game. I'm keen.

  • So are you calling us "THE WALKING DEAD" literally? HAHAHAHA :)

  • I for one will support this project Telltale needs another silly adventure game..Just you know finish Wolf and TWD S2 first or everyone will eat you alive...

  • really basic but it worked ;)

    so they can either keep it simple and hence more fun to play or make it a little more precise and add some more details/huds, assuming we have control over shooting again, though maybe ttg plan on limiting the shooting to on the rails/actual cutscenes and merely give us a twau style select option the gun to be used and of the target to aim at.

    a mix of that would work for me, although i can hear/see/read people complaining about the shooting aspect already on facebook pages...

  • I'm looking forward to it, I hope that they work on it after they get TWD and TWAU out of the way as they seem to be struggling with it from what I can see. No offence to telltale as they put their heart and soul into these games, It's good to see the company expanding and trying new things, people might be think that telltale is just finding new ways to make some extra cash but they should have the right to try new things and branch out a bit more. The lighthearted and humorous but at the same time violent and grim atmosphere really gave it a unique charm behind the quick shoot em up adventure. I can really see this being an adventure game and interacting with the world, although borderlands wasn't that much of a character development and getting you attached to them I'm sure telltale will make you feel for them in no time. Anyway I really hope the best for telltale and hope they don't pull any stupid moves and work on it while they are already on two products, you guys need rest so don't bite off more than you can chew :)

  • Well darth telltale has now confirmed they're making game of thrones. Which means now there working on 4 games...

  • Game Of Thrones, WTF

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