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Tales From The Borderlands revealed

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Seems like they're teaming up with Gearbox for this upcoming title! What do you guys think?

Mod Edit: Here is the trailer for the game

  • It's got me more interested than Game of Thrones. -shrug-

    Ideally this thread should be in the Telltale Talk section, but I'm going to leave it here, in the more visible section, for a bit. Because really, the more people know about this the better.

  • I'm not sure what to think yet.

    I know that Borderlands is meant to have its quirks with its random violence and pop culture references, but I didn't think the setting was ever one for very in-depth characterization.

  • "So many people are going to die."

    It was a winning formula for the walking dead. Who knows? Maybe it will work.

  • One of the things I've always loved about the Borderlands series is the characters, and hey - that's one of Telltale's specialities! So yeah, colour me interested for this.

    At the very least, it'll be a much more light-hearted effort than anything they've done for a good while. Yay for that!

    • I'm interested to see how they'll handle a more Comedy orientated franchise in TWD format (for lack of a better term.) Needless to say I'm very interested.

      • Its not like Comedy is a new thing for them.....if anything the drama that TWD brought is new to them

        Look at Sam and Max,Monkey Island,Back to the future, etc.

        • I know they do comedy, I never said they didn't. I said I'm interested to see how a more Comedic game will work in TWD format rather than a traditional point-and-click adventure like they've done before with their comedy titles.

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            Jennifer Moderator

            We don't know for sure how it will play.

            It could be something completely different than they did before (after all, no one expected The Walking Dead to play the way it did when it was first released). They still do have their Pilot Program, where they try out new gameplay ideas (as was confirmed in an interview around the time Poker Night 2 came out). The Walking Dead started out as the zombie prototype, so it's possible this game could have started out as a Pilot Program prototype too.

  • Borderlands 1 and 2 were both a great game from a humor perspective imo, I like the humorous lore and story behind the borderlands universe. Some may say there is a lack of said story, but I disagree and consider it one of the better shooters. (I don't like shooters) So i'm looking forward to how this will play out. Catch A Ride?

  • I think this is great. Borderlands is a vibrant universe, and could make a great adventure game. I'm keen.

  • I for one will support this project Telltale needs another silly adventure game..Just you know finish Wolf and TWD S2 first or everyone will eat you alive...

  • I'm looking forward to it, I hope that they work on it after they get TWD and TWAU out of the way as they seem to be struggling with it from what I can see. No offence to telltale as they put their heart and soul into these games, It's good to see the company expanding and trying new things, people might be think that telltale is just finding new ways to make some extra cash but they should have the right to try new things and branch out a bit more. The lighthearted and humorous but at the same time violent and grim atmosphere really gave it a unique charm behind the quick shoot em up adventure. I can really see this being an adventure game and interacting with the world, although borderlands wasn't that much of a character development and getting you attached to them I'm sure telltale will make you feel for them in no time. Anyway I really hope the best for telltale and hope they don't pull any stupid moves and work on it while they are already on two products, you guys need rest so don't bite off more than you can chew :)

  • Game Of Thrones, WTF

  • To say that I didn't see this coming would be an understatement. But hey, I think I could see myself liking this. My favorite parts of the Borderlands games were the humor and the sci-fi western feel of it, which I think TT could do well. So long as they make sure they're getting TWD S2 and TWAU finished and released first, that is. With everything they're working on right now, it seems like it would be really easy for them to strain themselves.

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