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Tales From The Borderlands revealed

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Seems like they're teaming up with Gearbox for this upcoming title! What do you guys think?

Mod Edit: Here is the trailer for the game

  • hopefully,they will do the same thing as Tales of Monkey Island and get the original voice-actors of Borderlands back(even though most of them work in Texas instead of the Bay-Area talent pool that Telltale usually works with.).
    Dameon Clarke MUST return for this one.

  • I really like Borderlands, but I'm not 100% on my thoughts on this joining. I suppose it would be wise to withhold judgment for once I have more information though.

  • I played both Borderlands and I enjoyed Borderlands 2 immensely. But it is a bit odd that they would be making a video game series based on game series? Not hating the idea, just find it interesting. One of the reasons why Telltale is so great is because it creates/expands upon stories from certain beloved series outside of video game media. It gives the fandoms of these series a way to interact and enjoy it in a new way. The Walking Dead had only been a comic series and TV show, A Wolf Among Us had only been a comic, ect. Considering Telltale operates more on a storytelling approach compared to a fighting/action approach, it would be interesting to see how they adapt a first-person shooter into a story-driven game.

    • Im not the only one that noticed that this is Video Game-ception xD

      Just think of it as standalone DLC like Far cry 3 Black dragon xD

      I do believe that they said there will be some shooter driven parts

      I hope they do this game right

      It could be real easy to fuck this type of game up but I have confidence telltale will persavere

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      It wouldn't be the first time they did a game series based off another game series. Tales of Monkey Island also comes to mind. Incidentally, both games also have "Tales" in the title.

      • Sorry, I didn't know about Tales of Monkey Island. I am only vaguely aware of all the Telltale games previous to TWD. To be fair, I have never even heard of the series ToMI derived from while the Borderlands series is pretty mainstream. I don't doubt Telltale's ability to use this new idea and create an amazing game out of it though. Actually, I am pretty interested in what they could come up with.

        • To be fair, I have never even heard of the series ToMI derived from while the Borderlands series is pretty mainstream

          Reading that makes me sad. Not even heard of Monkey Island? I take it you're pretty young?
          Monkey Island is as mainstream as it gets. Just a little older. I'd say it was way more mainstream than Borderlands is.

          i feel old :-(

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            Vainamoinen Moderator

            Yup. Those who didn't know Monkey Island back in 1990 certainly weren't gamers.

            • yeah, I liked Monkey Island, but the Bone series has to be mentioned as well, its a pretty good game that is underated by many telltale gamers. I never hear much talk about it in these forums.

          • I'm sorry :( I was born in the 90s and would be too young to even know how to play it at the time. Even now I have never heard of it (not trying to be bratty or offensive, I'm only speaking from what would be Telltale's younger demographic.) I'm just basing off my experiences as a gamer since I was 4 years old. And like you said, I'm sure it was more mainstream than Borderlands at the time but nowadays it isn't referenced as much anymore. That is to be expected with pretty much all games, excluding the groundbreaking ones that even non-gamers know about (Mario games, for example). Anyways, I'm sorry I got so off topic in this thread.

          • It's always nice to see a Guybrush avatar!

            You can tell so much from it - age, sense of humour, social status, the contents of someone's trousers. You can probably write a program in Amiga BASIC and you can probably find Gout and Foot Rot on a spinwheel in no time. You know exactly how much wood a woodchuck chucks and I bet you even had a second floppy disc-drive!... which was never ever used to copy hundreds of games.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Tales of Monkey Island also comes to mind

      Strictly speaking, that was a continuation of the original series in the same game genre. I do understand the oddity AllThatRemains experiences here.

      But it is a bit odd that they would be making a video game series based on game series?

      Well, it's certainly "new". Telltale has previously said they'd love to do something like that, naming the Halo series as a possible field of interest. An expansion of the stories and lore of a certain video game franchise with Telltale's way of making games. Applicability is the strength of what Telltale's doing, it's only natural that they expand into every media that tells stories, including their own. ;)

  • im just wondering doesn't 2k publish BorderLands so would Telltale need the Rights From 2k

  • I love the Borderlands series and need to get the 2nd game so I'm hopeful this will be good but I don't want Telltale to get overexerted by doing 4 games.

  • Why is everyone assuming that Telltale is rushing to put episodes out for the GOT and Borderlands games? It just said 2014 and in the interviews, they admit to not having any definitive story ideas. They're still in the "Hey we have the rights to these things, but where do we really want to go with it" stages. I doubt we'll see too much overlap between the two sets of games. It wouldn't be impossible to have small teams of like two or three who are tossing out ideas in their spare time for the (what will likely be late) 2014 games. I don't think that the newest additions will have much of an impact on TWD and TWAU. Now to say that TWD and TWAU might be impacting each other is valid, but to be fair, anyone who was in these forums for TWD season 1 knows that waiting is part of the game. Releases can seem random and may be waited on for a while.

  • It will be interesting to see how they will make an open world game into a interactive adventure, can't wait for all the games Telltale are releasing!

  • I tried the first Borderlands all the way back in the old days. I did not like at all, and I never touched the series again. However I am tempted to give this game a go none the less.

  • I absolutely love the Borderlands series - honestly can't wait. Please also port to Vita please!!

  • e: changed my mind about posting this

    now you people will never know what wellgolly had to say. Good luck trying to sleep at night!

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