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Tales From The Borderlands revealed

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Seems like they're teaming up with Gearbox for this upcoming title! What do you guys think?

Mod Edit: Here is the trailer for the game

  • I still haven't gotten around to playing those games.... but maybe this will give me the motivation to give 'em a shot.

  • I haven't really played and finished any of the borderlands games but am still interested in this series. I might play the borderland games actually.

    • Well, they'll presumably take a year to come out with the Telltale Borderlands game. I can keep the original games in my Steam Wishlist to see if they go on sale sometime before next year.

  • Maybe it will actually include a puzzle that requires any amount of thought? Oh wait, this is Telltale. Nevermind. Thought is forbidden.

  • Played Borderlands 1 and did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked to be honest. Borderlands 2 is coming free for PS+ maybe I might try it again , try to get interested in it.

  • Im surprised to see the amount of people against this idea. I think this is the best thing announced on the VGX, blows GoT right out of the water (I realize we haven't even seen anything but a reveal for GoT yet).

    People seem to automaticly just dismiss the idea because to someone, who isn't into shooters and have no desire to pick up Borderlands, it doesn't appeal. However, once you get to know the world of BL and the characters in it you may even change your mind and decide to give this a go atleast.

    Handsome Jack is hands down one of the best villains i've seen in anything, ever.
    Sorry for the broken english.

    • While I am not against telltale doing an episodic series for borderlands, I understand where others are coming from being sceptical and all. I think there may have also been similar thoughts from TWD fans found out telltale was making an episodic game for that franchise and look how that turned out.

      Anyone played Poker Night 2, featuring Brock Samson from The Venture Bros., **Claptrap from the Borderlands series, ** Ash Williams from The Evil Dead franchise, and Sam from Sam & Max as opponents.

      Telltale have probably thought about doing an episodic series using one of these franchises previously. But I will reserve judgement for now until this game is made. I actually hope they do a good job with it.

      Also I think this announcement may also have something to do with Gearbox maybe asking telltale to announce around the Christmas period pretty sure it is not going hurt demand for the borderlands series.

  • I am the only one who at the end saw Guybrush Peepwood created from interferences? :-)

    • Yes, because it's not guybrush but handsome jack.

      • Handsome Jack was in almost all trailer, but at the interference scene it looks for me like Guybrush and talk in similar way. Add to that similarity in titles: Tales from Monkey Islands and Tales from Borderlands, and that, what Guybrush/Jack said at the end of trailer (interference scene)... Maybe similarity is accidentally, but it looks to me like it was done with some deeper meaning.

  • It's basically same story as borderlands 1 why would they make 1 in telltale type its like saying k I already know the story but I wanna play it again without much of the killing and action. That made the game suck for gods sake its a 3rd person action game not telltale style game. Why can I pick up different weapons shields here and use special abilities of characters that's what I wanna see here if we can do those then this game is ok if not bleeeck. also what made TWD famous is that something came before it like the same style Resident Evil 1 only diffrence is in Resident Evil 1 you control where you go

    • TLDR:

      I already know how the story is going to play out becasue we are 1 year away from launch, I'm psychic, and I don't like it. I mean its not like telltale said it wasn't going to follow either borderlands main stories....right.....right?

  • i'm curious as to how they're going to make it. it will be interesting to see how this turns out. however i'm more interesting in game of thrones and where they're going to place the story at. (i have only seen the show haven't read the books yet.)

    • They did say that it's based on the tv series and not the books and I wonder what they meant by that. The tv series is pretty faithful to the books anyway apart from a few plot points and character changes. My hope is that they make up whole new characters and maybe feature a cameo or two like in the walking dead.

      Borderlands 2 however, has always been about characters, to me anyways. The shooting and looting is just the icing to an already delicious cake. And with the comedy background TTG has, I've no doubt that they'll pull this off.

  • Gearbox won't be developing this game along TellTale, right?

  • Yooo!!! hahaa yess!! I can already see the ass-backwards messed up humor of the borderlands making this game memorable. Would you like to turn clap trap into a bomb and send him into the enemy camp or let your new friend with the rocket shotgun have some fun? rightt?!

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