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Game of Thrones Revealed

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Well, they just revealed this game. What do you think?
I guess no season 2 info tonight :(

  • Why. now thats 4 Games

  • Thread: game of thrones

    another I think thats way too much :/

  • I really hope they don't tease us with a star wars game tonight

  • I'm pretty upset. I'm not a fan of Borderlands or GOT so I'm keen on the idea that this will delay the games that everyone is TRULY looking forward too. Telltale, I love you with all my heart, but PLEASE. PLEASE make sure these next games don't clash with schedules of other games!

    • ttg know how much fans hate waiting, so imho deciding to make another two games on top of twau and twd makes no sense.

      and it's announcement... nothing more or less but a vague date of next year.

      people really need to chill out.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      New game announcements do not equal delays for other games.

      As I said elsewhere:

      Telltale actually has small teams handle early game design prior to having large amounts of resources used to design a game. Don't worry; these two games are not going to have any notable effect on TWD or Wolf.

      • Given the time frame of minimally 2 & a half to 3 months between episodes of "TWAU" - I would argue that it already is having an effect.

        TTG's own blog post clearly stated they are still working on Episode 2.

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          Blind Sniper Moderator

          As my post says above, I'm pretty sure they don't take people out of one team to handle early game design for another game unless a game/episode is already completed. Don't worry, these announcements should not detract Wolf or Dead coming out sooner in any way.

    • um... they can do something pretty simple like higher more people to form another team. Especially with HBO involved, I think they should have the money to do that... why automatically assume the other games will be affected negatively at all?

    • Blind Sniper covered pretty well how this isn't going to do anything to delay the upcoming games - Telltale usually has this many games in development anyway, after all. TWD announcement came in the middle of a similar cycle, and I think we can all agree that they didn't screw that up at all.

      Speaking of which, I think the actual TWD comic and television franchises are just this side of completely terrible and feel the same way about GoT, but the TT game is just amazing, and I expect the same thing from the GoT game.

  • I agree. Four games in one year is...a little too ambitious. I hope Telltale isn't sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity.

    But if we're going to keep piling on projects, there's a dog and rabbit out there that need some love.

  • Telltale games working on The Game of Thrones:The game?

    Shit just got real.
    Seriously?How awesome this will be?

  • Oh my God, this is amazing! Just made my day. I love you, Telltale.

  • I don't know if this sounds a little stupid but the fact that we still have no idea when the hell the rest of the episodes for their two current shows are coming out, that we have to know about two more shows. That adds four shows to the pile and it takes them months at a time to release one episode...They better start hiring more employees or it'll take two years to play one game.

    • "shows"? Last I heard they were games :p

      Both of their new titles are said to be out next year. It could well be mid to late next year, so they'll have plenty of time to get their existing games out before the new ones.

      Or at least, I HOPE SO, anyway.

      • Im sure even if they did decide to release the new games a bit earlier in the year 2014 they would pull it off with good results. They did end up hiring a bunch of people and now I see why. So I guess they are prepared for what ever they will do.

      • They're episodic and have seasons. I call them shows. They're games sure but they're more interactive than anything. And game shows obviously doesn't sound right. The Wolf Among Us hasn't had a new episode in around two months and they still have four episodes to go with that. The Walking Dead's first episode is supposedly coming out in a few weeks but we still have no idea really. All I'm saying is I can't even see TWAU and TWD being finished by the times these next two games come out. It's been at least two months in between each game so multiply that by five and you get ten. Ten months which is basically a year. Meaning these seasons won't even get finished till approximately next fall and they have two other games coming out. Hopefully I'm wrong and they can start getting on track with their supposed 4-6 week schedule but I dunno.

  • Telltale please delay this until 2015! I don't want you guys to die from overworking on all these games!

  • Better than Borderlands

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