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I'm still wondering what year was set in the walking dead game universe? Is it year 2012 ? cuz they don't seem to use any smartphones or GPS..... not even a CELL PHONE? is that year 1990s ?


  • Well i doubt those things would still work after the first few days. Once they run out of electricity and signal goes down they're very quickly worthless.

    As for the year, it is never explicitly stated in the comic either IIRC, but since that was first released in 2003, that would seem the most likely time.

  • Using a smartphone and a gps after the zombie apocalypse. Yep.

  • Eventually electricy would run out and even if you had solar panels and a fitting battery to charge your gps mobile, it is not certain whether the gps satellite is still intact or not. Also there's the problem that most modern stuff is made to break after 2-3 years.

  • The Graphic Novel tells that the zombie outbreak started in October 2003, So I imagine The Walking Dead Season 1 is late 2003-2004.

  • Thanks for spoiling the ending in your username.

  • Why would it be '03 just because of the comic? I'd say the year it was released 2012.

  • If the game is canon to the comic then it would be taking place in the years 2003/2004. Lee would have came to Hershel's farm before Rick.

    Why would it be '03 just because of the comic? I'd say the year it was released 2012.

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    Also look at the technology in the game, In Clementine's house and at the TV store near the pharmacy they have large CRT TVs which where more common around that time and also they don't even mention cell phones/smart phones in the game (but i am unsure about the comics as i have not read them yet) so the early to mid 2000s sounds about right.

  • Even though the comic was originally released in 2003, Kirkman has said he doesn't really want to nail down any particular year it takes place in. So the timeline is somewhat elastic, like many long-running titles.

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    rather than writing a big chunk of text i'll give you a link: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Continuity scroll down to where it says "Time Period, Divergences and Locations" there are some minor spoilers from early in the comics there but nothing to bad.

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