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Fed up with Telltale...

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I don't know about you, but yesterday night I lost completely all fate in Telltale Games as my former favorite game developer. I'm well aware that nothing should be said about The Walking Dead: Season Two during the VGX show, but what made me angry is that Telltale shows up and starts talking about two entirely new games we don't know anything about. A big slap in our faces. And still they say nothing about The Walking Dead which is probably the most anticipated game this month. What makes me annoyed is that they take other things ahead of our favorite games, which really should be addressed before anything else under the circumstances. We're not interested in knowing about games that apparently will be released later in 2014, what is important right now is the game we waited for a whole year. Telltale, get your priorities straight...

And don't get me started on their ways to advertise new games. We're fed up with their poor communication with us, the customers. I understand clearly that they can't give out any dates until a few days before the release date. But what stops them from keeping us updated, talking to us? Do Telltale's entire PR team only consist of one single member, which is @puzzlebox ? At least she try to come down to our level from time to time and chat with us. Telltale seems extremely understaffed, which makes me extremely worried about how they will manage to release both The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us, along planning Game of Thrones and Borderlands... I mean, watch their poor release of the second episode of The Wolf Among Us... I assure you if Tellale put up a poll on what we'd rather have, we'd vote on Telltale only focusing on The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us until they're DONE. I'm fine with Telltale planning their future, but just... Get your games done before slapping us in the face.

I know we probably and very likely will get The Walking Dead in the upcoming two weeks, but then I'll say "it's about bloody time". The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us will be the last games I buy from this developer if they don't improve.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Since we already have a thread with discussion about how Telltale is handling the release of The Walking Dead Season Two, I split out all posts I could to the Season Two release date thread. Please keep all discussion related to the release of The Walking Dead Season Two and Telltale's handling of the release in that thread. It's much easier to follow a conversation when it's in one place.

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