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Walking Dead season 1 Ep 02 / Game Save Bug !

posted by Thurstonmoore on - last edited - Viewed by 679 users

Hi, I just bought the all Season 1 of Walking Dead the game.
After finishing Episode 1 I choose to save Carley instead of Doug !
But everytime Doug is still alive and every choices i made are forgotten !
I tried on each save stats, delete them... Everytime it's the same ! I've played the Ep 1 many times, and feeling a bit angry that Telltale's Walking Dead is still running Bug long time after the released !
I really like their games ! I've bought The Wolf Among Us, all season pass ! And I hope that these kind of bug don't appear in the game.

PS: Sorry for the bad english. I'm french --"

Here goes my Save data Support !

If i did anything wrong with this, let me know !

Edit: I didn't mention it but I didn't buy it from Steam ! But directly on Telltale ! I'm running a Mac, and oh yeah... I'm a little bit fed up against Telltale since, I bought it and it's bugged...

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