Clementine Theory

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Hey everyone! I have a theory for Clem season 2 of TWD!
In the season 2 pic where clem is holding her bloody arm, we can obviously state she is injured. What I think is that the man we see sitting at the table with her (in another pic) can possibly be the antagonist and and he is trying to hurt her or already has either by threatening her or hurting her physically. (I also think part of the game will be having to kill this man).What I think is that she tries to escape and therefore, she gets caught by the unknown man and he hurts her arm for payback from escaping (maybe shooting her) or just trying to catch her OR she might of hurt it herself while escaping. But I doubt she got bit one reason being because we are playing as her. Also telltale games put injured clem in the picture with the house right behind her as if giving us a clue or telling us something. Anyways thats my theory, thanks for reading! #forclementine thanks for reading guys! :) leave a comment of what you think and a like! P.s I post TWD stuff on here discussing things about TWD agme only every week/day


  • I agree , I doubt she was bitten.. & why would telltale have a redo of Lee's situation ? That would be stupid .. But you do have a good point there. I feel the guy sitting at the table with Clem is out to hurt her or other people & clementine is not having that

  • Yeah I also agree they wont redo Lee's situation

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