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Have Faith in Telltale..

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What is with all the flack I have been seeing for telltale for the new games they are making? They hit gold last year with Walking Dead, the Wolf Among Us looks awesome. Season two is coming out soon for the walking dead. only been like what, a year since season 1 ended, jees people have a little faith they haven't failed anything. maybe it is taking a little bit longer for episodes to come out. Just be patient and with them and wait for what they got for us before we jump down their throats. Yes?

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  • Exactly! Some people don't get the phrase, quality over quantity. TellTale is amazing at producing a consistent character choice, jaw dropping, shocking, story moments that keep all of us wanting more. Sure it may take a while to produce those moments but it is always worth the wait. That wouldn't be the case if they rushed the seasons/episodes. For the record, they probably hired more people to work on the games so they can produce the The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones on a consistent basis.

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