Are these characters really dead...?

I came to conclusion that Snow White/Faith is not really dead. Remember each Fable is disguised with a Glamour that makes them have a human body. It is possible that Snow and Faith got a new Glamour look in order to escape from the person after them. Plus the heads look fake and the bodies seem to never appear in the story, so that leaves the question: If Snow and Faith really died then where are the bodies Lol? Oh and I happened to see a comic where Collin the pigs head was on a pike. Some bear (Three Little Bears story) must be the one ripping off Glamour heads. So it's possible he did it not Big-B. So what do you guys think? Are Snow and Faith dead, or did they decide to get a new glamour? Oh I noticed Snow White seemed like a very shy and scared character. Maybe someone was after her and she did get a new Glamour. Anyway what do you guys think? No bashing please lets have a mature discussion XD :)


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