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    The Fables can also heal from time to time, so that's another reason I feel they are not dead. The only part of them that died was the Glamour :). If they are dead RIP LOl.

  • Bigby definitely didn't do it. It's supposed to be canon, and in the canon, Bigby and Snow get married and have kids, but... I get the feeling that they're going non-canon.

    • I don't think so because it's a prequel so they have to respect what happens in the comics.Here is what the creator of Fables said in an interview:"The story takes place before the very first issue of Fables," Willingham explained. "It's in continuity. Fables does presume that the story told by the game here did happen.": The entire interview is here: http://www.newsarama.com/19263-bill-willingham-hopes-fables-movie-as-faithful-as-a-wolf-among-us-games.html .He says that Telltale really knows and respects the comics so it's unlikely that they will really kill Snow.

      • I think that they may have said that just to fuck with our heads. The avid readers of the comic would've been annoyed with snow, as she'd have plot armor, but she'd also be one of the most sought after targets in the Fabletown that this has set up. It would come as a shock to the people who loved the comics, and to the people (like myself) who believed that she was going to be this game's Clem.

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