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can't buy anything from the page

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Hi there I can't seem to buy anything from your products pages, every time I click on a product it just reloads the page.

I was thinking if I must be registred on the front page, to buy anything, because if I try to registre, I just get the same message every time.

Errors Encountered
All of the following fields must match: Email, Confirm Email, Email

It's almost like there is a field that I can't see, it says email three times.

Hope you can help me out here.

Btw Good Luck with The Sam and Max Games, looking forward to the result, we Need Sam and MAx back to our pc screens

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  • Something weird appears to be happening with the Texas Hold'Em page and the Sam & Max merchandise. When I click on those links, the product page reloads. I'll alert the people who need to know about it, but since today is a national holiday, it's possible it won't be fixed until tomorrow. :(

    The other game pages appear to be linking fine, but in case they're not for you, here's how to reach them individually:

    Bone: The Great Cow Race

    Bone: Out from Boneville


    That issue with registering is a bug, and it'll hopefully be fixed soon as well. Thanks for letting us know.
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