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How does save data work?

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How does save data work? I don't understand.

I've found my game's save data in a file located in my Documents. After opening the file, I've noticed quite a lot of data. For example, my save data is listed from 1 to 33.

How does this work? I've deleted my profile from within the game itself, so it shouldn't have any save data.

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  • I don't think you should delete anything - what you mean by save data is actually variables that the game has stored; so for example, when you get the notification about "he will remember that", it means that the game has created a variable point that can be used later, like in coming games, and this variable will keep track of what you do.

    To ensure you get everything from the first season into the first, do not delete anything - restore from the trashcan if you can. My guess is that season 2 will look for any saved games from season 1 and extract whatever it deems necessary for it to know; otherwise, you might end up with random decisions made for you.

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