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New update of the classic Mafia game

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I have thought of an idea to make the old party game mafia a little
better. I just need other people's opinions on it.

I felt that the old game was very hard to accuse people because of the
limited clue and I tried to fix it up so that accusation would have
some sense behind it. The game rule and concept is very much like the
old one but my variation has a little bit more interaction involved
which makes easier for people to make accusation.
The game overview:

There will be day time and night time as before but at night time
there will be no heads down or heads up. Instead people will be just
walking around in the dark.

Citizens, Mafias, Cop, and Nurses

Day time:

At day time people try to figure out who the mafia is. While people
are trying to figure out who exactly is the mafia, the mafias are
signaling each other in any way possible and deciding who to kill at
night time. The mafias can't make it too obvious who they're trying to
signal or else people will find out. This makes it easier for people
to track down who the mafia is and will make it much more fun. While
the mafias are signaling each other the nurses and the cops will also
be signaling each other secretly, discussing amongst
each other, who to save or who to ask the narrator if a man is a
mafia. After all the talking everyone will come to a Conclusion who to
kill. After one person is killed it goes to night time.

Night time:

This is where it is updated and changed the most. At night time,
instead of the people putting their heads down people will instead
walk around the dark for 5 minutes. This was originally thought up for
a bonfire at the beach with 15 of my friends at night so doing in a
room might be different. Also I chose to walk around instead of heads
down because people tend to peek while the Mafia's choose who to kill
and afterwards people accuse someone is mafia because they say they
heard the mafia point so it was very hard accuse people properly, in
the other hand in this updated version it is necessary to look around
to see if the mafias are taking any action.

Now that everyone is walking around, either in groups or by
themselves, it is the mafias, cops, and the nurses time to take action. The
mafias will go around with a small stick and poke someone and that
person will be the one that is killed. Once he is poked he cannot make
any noise or act irrationally. If he is killed then he must act like
nothing happened and when the narrator says to everyone come back, he
will be the only one that doesn't come back to the campfire and
everyone will realize that you were killed at night. Teamwork is very
important for the mafia in this game because they have to lure the
people away from the crime scene so that nobody will see who stabbed
who. Now from here people can make accusation saying he was with him
and he died.

While one mafia is walking around killing, (all 4 or 5 mafia going
around killing people will create suspition so they all have to decide
on one person to kill someone) the nurse and the police have to take
actions as well. The nurses will all decide who to save and one person
will go and touch a person in the back and they will know that that
person is saved. If a person was stabbed and then touched or touched
and then stabbed then that person is saved. The police is a bit more
sneaky. The police will all decide who to ask the narrator if is the
mafia and one person will go up to him and act normal and talk with
him and while they are talking the cop will look back to the narrator
and the narrator will give a signal if he is a mafia or not. If made
too obvious then the mafias will know right away that he is a cop.

Note: Every decision made by the Mafias, Nurses, and Cops have to be made
during the daytime while everyone is discussing who the mafia is.

Once 5 minutes are done, the narrator will tell everyone to come back
except for the person that was killed unless he was saved. After that
it is daytime once again.

Tips on gameplay:

Mafias can either signal one person to decide who to kill or they can
all chose one person to kill and during the night one of them have to
kill them.

Mafias can kill one guy to kill himself while walking with a civilian
at night and thus the rest can accuse of the civilian because one man
died while walking together with the man that just died.

Mafias may choose not to kill anyone at night time and wait until the narrator calls everyone to come back, one mafia then can pretend to come back but stab one person while passing by him so it made it look as if the person that was with the man the whole time was the mafia and killed him while with him.

If police finds one of the mafias then it will be easy to catch the other mafias easily at daytime so it is best to keep a watch on the other mafias at night just in case one is a cop.


If the mafias made a misunderstanding as to who to kill and accidentally
killed 2 people, then during day time people will realize that 2 people
are missing and one of the mafias have to volunteer and stand up and
leave the game. The Mafias will have to signal each other who to leave
the game but if they make i too obvious signaling each other then
people will find out. Also if none of the mafias are signaling each
other and assumes that one person will stand up then there can be
misunderstanding and 2 people might stand up accidentally.

I have not gotten a full opinion from a anyone so if you see any
flaws in the game or you think of any suggestion please comment it
please. And also if you know any other forums that more readers might be able to read then please let me know. Thank you for reading.
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