IOS Release Date

edited December 2013 in The Walking Dead

I was rather lucky in that I got into TWD after all of the episodes were released. I played season 1 on the IPAD and loved it. That said, I will NOT wait 2 months after season 2 is released to get it on the IPAD.

Does anyone know if the IOS version will be released on the same day as consoles? If not, I am more than willing to drop the $25 for the console version but want to know so I can get my save file ready for S2. Thanks in advance everyone!


  • According to the TWAU blog post, puzzlebox said that the iOS version would be released this month as well. It could change though.

  • Thank you for the response. I'd definitely prefer to not have to drop the money if possible, although i just played TWAU on console and playing on a 60 inch isn't the worst thing!

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