• Your guess is as good as mine, telltale state that is was a one off character to lighten up the depressing atmosphere of episode 3. I didn't take a shine to her character anyway, she felt unnatural like she shouldn't be there. It was strage to see this blonde haired chick that can parcore and has sick ninja skills, she was a bit bitchy with her sarcastic remarks, she was generally cocky and such. I don't think she would be my first choice for taking care of Clem but she did show feelings towards her. Anyway If she lives then yippee, if not well that's the way it goes.

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    CIementine BANNED

    we dont know

  • Usually you could find it at raves.

  • Hope that ultra ninja hacker died. I never liked the bitch.

  • Highly doubt she's coming back. She served her purpose in episode 4, which was literally to make the player feel better and have a 'badass' to talk to. That's it. That's all. Gary even pretty much clarified this.

  • She could return. None of the outcomes in ep. 4 ever show her die. She seems to get away each time from the hallway attack. She's more of a lone wolf and might not return, but the cities been picked clean, so she'll most likely move on from Savannah. You never know.

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