• who knows but i think i know wats coming........tears will be shed

  • i hope she and her baby dies. i really don't like her

  • I hope that Christa and the baby survive..it would be interesting to see what Telltale would do and how they would handle a baby in TWD.

  • @MonicaBrown - Mind the spoilers in future, please. Don't post them in thread titles, and if they're in your thread, please use spoiler tags.

  • Oh my bad , new to this ...

    • OK, that's fine. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone learns from those mistakes.

      What we don't like is when you REPEAT a mistake. I re-named this thread for a reason - the title contained a spoiler which my edit removed. You changing it back to the title it was before could be construed as a deliberate attempt to post a spoiler, as well as going against the authority of a moderator.

      Both of those are against the rules. Don't do it again.

  • I hope Christa survives. I hope it'll be a girl! We could name her Carley! LOL just kidding. name it whatever you want! :)

  • Which Lori pregnancy do you mean because you know the comic and tv show both had pretty different fates

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