Player choices (glitch on 360?)

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I just replayed Episode 1 again by rewinding the whole episode, and when I got to the end it wouldn't let me scroll down to see the choices I made. It had the screen up mentioning the Telltale Community with the heading 'Player Choices' and said R to Scroll and when I tried to it didn't work, all I could do is press A to continue (I tried every single button). Then when I go onto the Extras menu, the Player Choices section is locked.

Does anyone know how to find out what choices you made in the episodes? In The Walking Dead it was easy as you could just hover over the episode and press a button and an extra menu came up with the choices and percentages but not on here. Thanks.


  • Does anyone know?

  • i have a really annoying problem on the 360 at the st johns. when you are trying to save Kenny's wife, Brenda tells you to stop. for some reason when she tells me my controls glitch and Lee continues to walk. after 27 attempts i still can fix it.

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    Does anyone know?

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